New Item - Shockwave


Good joke , he’s a man


This is gonna piss her off bro. Don’t say that.




All I got was an armor annihiliator. And half the time I didn’t even get a box.


Twelfth race still nothing received, 1 legendary is all

it’s weird nothing gained

what should I do?


When I read on discord that you said you had it covered. This is not what I expected…lmfao


Golden :ok_hand:


omg i got it !!!

but no other leg accept for a reckless beam >~<


…and 10h starting missions :smiley:

You need much LOTR like trillogy’s :speak_no_evil:


the portal has is not bad
30 runs, 3 legendary (myth food) and around 15 epics



2nd one , ok


Over 100 runs, no one Shockwave, but it dont need to me)


ok then





I got two premiums in five runs, lightning scope and anguish


Lets watch you get an infinite amount of claws and you getting about a million shockwaves.
Would be fun to watch.
Yeah definitely.


Are Shockwaves better than Face Shockers?



Face Shocker is the superior drone


Windforge better - imho


Imagine a Beaver
Monkeys Frolicking Around
Around The World We Go
Goyas Fruits All Around
Under The Sea
Yelps Beyond Imagination

Hmmm, who would’ve thonk :///

honestly this is such a nonsense ass post lmfao