New Item - Shockwave


This portal is pretty good for energy users.
The drone looks almost usefull to me,the reason is because they will use it for knockbacks and use their viliant.
And speaking of geting items,this is what i got from that portal.

Bah,not L-M,at least i will trash the epic one.


Good joke , he’s a man


This is gonna piss her off bro. Don’t say that.




All I got was an armor annihiliator. And half the time I didn’t even get a box.


Twelfth race still nothing received, 1 legendary is all

it’s weird nothing gained

what should I do?


When I read on discord that you said you had it covered. This is not what I expected…lmfao


Golden :ok_hand:


omg i got it !!!

but no other leg accept for a reckless beam >~<


…and 10h starting missions :smiley:

You need much LOTR like trillogy’s :speak_no_evil:


the portal has is not bad
30 runs, 3 legendary (myth food) and around 15 epics



2nd one , ok


Over 100 runs, no one Shockwave, but it dont need to me)


ok then





I got two premiums in five runs, lightning scope and anguish


Lets watch you get an infinite amount of claws and you getting about a million shockwaves.
Would be fun to watch.
Yeah definitely.


Are Shockwaves better than Face Shockers?



Face Shocker is the superior drone


Windforge better - imho


Imagine a Beaver
Monkeys Frolicking Around
Around The World We Go
Goyas Fruits All Around
Under The Sea
Yelps Beyond Imagination

Hmmm, who would’ve thonk :///

honestly this is such a nonsense ass post lmfao