New Item - Shockwave


wtf. you lucky bugger. grrrrrrrrr


Haha, you are not that lucky eh?

So powerful :ok_hand::joy::+1:

But I wish you would get it soon! And the other players too.


I can’t stand all these people getting new items it hurts because I got no legendarys with 3 refuels


Also by the way, I got 3 Legendaries in a row with Mix Boxes! Those were the boxes from First refill… Most were energy items…


Crap, I should not have boasted with my long range strategy…

How do I fit this one in now??


2 refills down , still no valiant :confused:


What?!? Transcendant is a dude! This whole time I thought Transcendant is a girl. :laughing:


Make an Energy crab.


The thing is mord has no claws



Take one.



Hello, Im here)
I have 60 box, and I already get:
Sparked Runners
Blazing Legs
Power Buttoms
Seraph Blade :heart_eyes:

But there are 25 boxes left because I don’t have any gold.


Ok, I’m still forgetting I have a myth LS now, I don’t teleport away :joy::+1:

Although now when I face physicals with my Main energy, they don’t even try to grapply me like before :joy::ok_hand:


how many runs?..


i kinda wanna use a lighning scope as myth food if i get one to trigger players XD, i am never gonna use energy stuff on my main account


spend 330 tokens, so 11 refuels + clan box = approximately 97 runs on Hard.


Not bad… Half way thru, 6 legendaries so far:
Armour Dissolver
Ash Creator
Not bad, not bad at all…


it seems that drop rates is the same for everyone. I’ve got claw, ash creator, bulldog, that stupid lege pusher and two garbage so far.


Wait really? Trade it for my other Claw :stuck_out_tongue:

OR at least my Desert Fury and Greeedy…


If you grind steadily, I guess it is. I believe that the mystery has been solved once and for all… It is all in statistics, and statistics do not work in short runs. You need to see the bigger picture. I just started grinding portals full scale, with all resources I have (tokens and time). It is worth a lot! Good drops, excellent fusion material, very good legendary items (except for those… you know…)…


This portal is pretty good for energy users.
The drone looks almost usefull to me,the reason is because they will use it for knockbacks and use their viliant.
And speaking of geting items,this is what i got from that portal.

Bah,not L-M,at least i will trash the epic one.