New Item - Shockwave


WTH is going on!:smiley:


I really can’t believe that!


Yup you have sure 2 mechs good upgraded i only one 2-nd is just couple of things i decided will be good on second mech and not upgaded it at all.

And like i see you have l-m legs, and for sure more stuff, fully, or almost maxed.
I have nothing l-m on upgraded mech.

And still fighting with one mech (2-nd has 700hp) i made it to 9-8.


Congratulations men.
I believe someday i will get this or claw too.


On 7th refill i got first Shock Wave.
Good luck for casual gamers with geting it :grin:


5 refills, 2 leggies,30 or so epics,40 or so rares, about 10 empty runs.


Drone is heavy as a certain players bull sh-- . No resistance damage . Gonna be hard time to fit into build .


I saw just maxed myth list, and i think heat needs more legs, example rolling beast version for heat.
Heat have only 2 legs, while other builds have 4.

So good idea is next IP will be with legs for heat.


Very hard, it’s certainly not something to put on casually.

Edit: It’s beginning to feel like electricians are getting heavy like heaters (e.g., EMP). I just hope the energy hammer isn’t heavier than the heat version. :pray:


My second legendary and this two is premium!:slight_smile:


My mythical food!:stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, this is your Claw, but the BlackMan’s style!


I goto around 12 refills to go

Hoping for a valiant


Believe it or not, my 4th legy in this portal is my 5th Vailant… I guess TS is reading my posts related to my long range strategy plans… Also, for drops such as 2 Vailants and an Ash, I would have spent like 1000 USD in the past… Now it is just 3 item portals, and Voilla, i mean Vailant!


Well i have 11 refills worth of tokens…

I need to get a valiant :confused:


I keep my fingers crossed for you, Techno!


Crossing my fingers for you to get a claw. :crossed_fingers:

Actually , i curse you to get a claw.
I cursed @Transcendant like this and he got a claw in the next few refills


more 6 refill: I win only 1 legendary epic, I need module resi and new drone, etc

What salopard game as many hours lost


No refills : Got 2 Legends, both Myth food.
first refill : 4 Legends, 3 are MF while the other one is LS (Lightning Scope)
Second refill, 1 for now, it’s myth food but I have more fuel.


got only worthless stuff…