New Item - Shockwave


I just got home from work.

To no internet connection or cable.

At a local library amongst kids.

I only have half an hour till it closes.

Pity me.


Oh, man. That’s rough…


I spared 2.8m for this IP.
Ok for IP from 2 weeks ago but it happend not, then no net.

Just to use all this epics i will get as leg food :slight_smile:


Before the library closes, check out other hotspots in your vicinity. I think Starbucks has one.


Still waiting for a legendary…


Metro has it ? Something lights in my mind that yes.


Appreciated but I am computerless and my phone can’t handle the SM app.

Also have to be at work at 6:00 in the morning tomorrow… I really shouldn’t be up too late


Oh, double whammy…


Lol! Omg! :man_facepalming:


Now a bunch of kids are going to read this… thanks…


Flag it and the mods will handle it.


I have crazy idea for you it works fine, when you have luck.
On laptops shops like media markt there are turned on laptops…

mostly with wifi from shop or near restaurant, usually 2 -3 from 30 are without typically adds, presentations, logged on. Many kids stayed there and played.

I did there too something but i dont remember what was it, maybe email checking, it was long time ago.

I think i was writing something from post cuz i hadn’t net.


But the poor kids! Scarred for life!


Do it quick then.


I appreciate the help @lapitec I’llsee what I can do


Kids in SM playing age are vanguard in such things.

I seek new names, for time when i will get baned,
would you kindly give suggestions ?


Don’t get ban in the 1st place.


I apparently got Lightning Scope, awesome then :thinking:


i finally got the zarkares torso from the portal my first one


It’s hard but not very hard to get in normal box.