New Item - Shockwave


I found the link. This should answer your question:


You fully mythed ?
Too check strategy obiective you should have all maxed.

I’m not the first time maxed yet (with first build i made).
Ahhh yes and i fucked 2 mech everytime.

I’m fighting always with one mech cuz i upgrade 1 to max.
2-nd mech is not even once upgraded :sweat_smile:

Still he rescued me few times in pvp, where heat with maxed torso and some weapons mythed
could not do anything… and my trash mech just destroyed them…

Ahhh 2 valiant snipers and 2 EMP’s i should be some more grateful :smirk:
Some people are freaking out about getting VS and i got 2 in first weeks playing, as first of legys.


Is that good for phys or is useless ?
I heard that’s good cuz it takes much resist.


lucky you

i need it alllll


I heard people say its myth food.



tbh this name would have fit perfectly… also pls make a heat one too!!!


Hey, try not to get in trouble. Too late… Well, avoid further trouble. :man_facepalming:


ehm heat hammer portal was last thursday XD.
I miised it cuz i had no net, and i’m heat :face_with_thermometer:


So I’ve gotten two legends from the portal- Chromium Crushers and Power Bottoms.

How do I unsubscribe from this “Leg Legs” list?


but i needed the energy for my energy build
i have 2 builds, heat and energy :sob:


It’s permanent. You’re stuck on it.


Hey i too, i will now piss you off i have 2 Valiant snipers L-M and 2 EMP’s.


At this point I’d be happy to get like Legendary Reckless Beams and Last Words, just so long as they aren’t legs.

Literally the only pair of legs in the entire game I’d be happy to open is another claw (I have 4 Rolling Beasts).


tbh i have one vs and i have also an emp
but i have abomination that’s right BOI, duskmaker and the useless archimonde

im fine as i am, all i want is a claw, flaming scope (and lightning scope) and basically every other item in the game


Very nice!


I have mortal bullet to that, so i can make decent energy when i will start to upgrade 2-nd mech.

5-th refill 588 tokens left…


i really which i’d had magma blast
then i’d change my CL and make my rocket king a true king


Magma is not good has good things, but only one shot so it will not help with pushing, and it’s weight is around 55, there are better things…

…btw i got it from this portal…


yeah, i’d be able to combo my abomination with magma blast and then use my supreme to get the enemy into deso position
plus magma deals a lot of heating, res drain, and cooling dmg




But i’m really happy about myth food i waited for it.
Just first reaction.