New Item - Shockwave


Hey Pilots,
Today we release a New Item Portal and introduced the Shockwave.
The Shockwave and a Legendary to Mythical Drone.
It has 1 push and deals an average damage. It weighs more than all the other drones.
You have a chance to get it in Hard and Insane in the Portal.
Good luck!


Ooooh, new drone!


What about energy hammer?!
Energy knockback drone will helps a lot, but i think many energies are still waiting for the hammer


Is that.
THe rocket drone.
In Legacy times.
But an energy version?
Where is energy hammer?


So… Shockwave is the drone…

What is Dungeon?


Me likey , me very pleased


It’s also the old portal layout too :+1:


Ah, some love for electricians. Hmm, maybe it’s an op drone.

Can’t tell until see stats…



Here we go Baby! LET’S GO FOR 1 LEGEND!


It’s a portal. :slight_smile:


Aah, yes. Thank you for clarification


Yup, but I want to see specific stats (e.g., energy damage).


So you better try and get it! :slight_smile:


I will abuse the hell out of this drone


Sarah, are the drops returned to it’s normal state? or is it still like the previous portal where barely any players got reasonable amounts for time spent on it?


Love the look. @Mordulec, thoughts?


Hehe, oh yes! I’ll definitely try my best to get it. Sarah, thank you for the drone!


Ohhh this is bad… push back drones…


I can already see the cancer builds… Oh god