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How was the haloween party?


It was fun but that is kind of off topic.


wow, next time ill msg


I got 2 repulser in the hard difficulty in the portal! Lucky indeed! :hushed:

(now w/ the test mech)


12 runs and no one chest :frowning: :


Wait… what’s this? (w/ the blue circle)

*sorry for poor editing skillz


That’s what I am also thinking @ToxicDoll


I complete ~100 runs in event portal (80%=on 3 stars). Spent 5 hours (it without smoking, eating and other). I have very much epic and blue things (cool for upgrade), but ZERO legendaries (One legendary dropped for me in first complete run on 2 stars mode(run with 10 tokens) - it be Brutality chest). Where weapon from Event Poster? WTF?

I’m even not receive little CHANCE for roll legendary-mythical version - 0 legendaries dropped.
5 pure hours of 24. Maybe administration big jokers, like stand-ups and similar things? If this true, you risked lose one donater. Yes - many cool things for upgrade, but this event promised not it. It first and last your joke, next time I’ll throw it away your game.

P.S.: Am bad speak eng, but think you all understand what i said.


He has the goat perk too. Nice


Hi all, I think this repulser “Yellow”/Grade4/Legendary or even Mythical can be obtained only in treasure chest. I finally found player who have it. I tried to get it in portal but for some reason I have got only simple blue version (Grade2).

Also I have tried to find out from this player where he got it but he is don’t understand English language

If anyone know were it come from - plz tell me.


That lucky rank 16 tough ._.


ahhhhhhh I threw away my sorrow


Dis place dead, RIP :frowning:


Don’t revive news topics.


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