New Item Portal



No, only epic max.
I think that this spechial for GOAT :goat: :smile:


I got 1 epic and 4 rare… at least that portal gives you boxe… wait, not anymore… but at least it gives you some gold (less than a 6 energy hard mission and it’s more difficult…)


You do know what push and bully are right? This is the replacement for those . This will be very useful for all those little high energy annihilation mecha.


That weapon looks like antti-material cannon from old sm


This event looks cool to me.


very lightweight, only 18 kg. In the interceptor I have often 20-25 kg empty. And also given the one-time usage charge and hook. Only teleport two steps.
I tried out the concept, useless in my opinion. Very rarely applicable either to rebuild the tactics to play long-range weapons, that is expensive and for a long time.


I have to rebuild my whole mech again because of that…


no you misunderstand it will be a good counter to annihilations


I also got 3 in one box :joy:


hmm… well, for it, too. But I saw how the combo stomp/backbaker and muved at the 3 position, at the same time output the radius of the nightfall strike.
but very small damage…


nightfall uses energy the only reason people are doing the high energy annihilation designs are to beat energy mechs. A 2 use push weapon will be a good defense vs 0 energy annihilations. With a teleport it will be very hard to corner pilots now.


well we’ll see. :sunglasses:


Lol. I know and if they are hard to beat for you again you can start to complain in forums again until they nerf them again so you can win easy again :sunglasses:


hop… in advance the reproaches showered. :innocent:
I bild energomech. But it is terrible. terribly long and expensive.


it is kind funny that the cheapest and easiest build counters high powered energy mecha pretty easy. A physical mech with 2 nightfalls and 2 annihilations with 400+ energy will win almost every time vs a high powered energy. The problem was that at the time most people who had those builds were not maxed and complained about maxed energy builds all the time, now that they have caught up maxed their annihilations and nightfalls and maxed modules giving them high energy and they have nerfed energy mechs 3 or 4 times there is little chance for energy vs them.


It was limited special antiToxic edition. This mech is weak against phys and heat. Slots are occupied.


That is the only thing that saves energy mechs at the moment. They are rare and to build against them makes you weak vs the more common types.
Once they nerf energy again you won’t need 400 energy to fight high powered energy mechs you will only need 300 or so, 300 energy is quite easy to put on any mech.


HA! how much energy takes a shot energy sniper? Nightfall and Nighteagle consume energy and produce heat like a steam catapult on an aircraft carrier :wink:


For me to fire my weapons and drone it is over 240 energy why do you complain? If I had your energy I would drain myself in 2 turns…

So what if the sniper is low energy and still drains good it does 135- 196 damage and is 2 shots, It usually takes 4 - 6 turns to drain someone with 400 energy and decent recovery… When I fight someone with 400+ energy and 60 resistance I hit in the 60s with it most of the time…
Do any of your weapons hit 60??

Not only that all your weapons are easy to get, you can get them in free daily boxes but that is not an advantage for you I guess.

What I don’t get is you can beat mechs like mine pretty easy now and you still complain…
I guess people won’t be happy until they make energy mecha worthless.