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that 2-4 range though… :confused: but 0 energy.


The weapon is working well, at least for my test mech, just with epics and some rares with no upgrades (except for the torso), of course droped my rank to fight… not all of those were victories and now i’m stuck… and i want to know if there is a better version of it (not the epic one, it scks xD)



It also helps long range and mid range heater mechs they have a 0 energy long range weapon and two 0 energy mid range weapons and 0 energy drones. The second mid range 0 energy heat weapon is the death punch but I don’t have that. Desolations are really easy to get too…


It doesn’t help 2-4 heaters at all.

Knocking back by 3 when you’re at 2-4 range will result in 5-7.


It does when they are in front of you stomp with the new push would put them in the 4 spot right?


You can’t fire that weapon at range 1. :slight_smile:

Stomping + That weapon puts your opponent at range 5.


That’s the point of it to me either pushing from short to mid range or mid range to long.


5-8 is pretty much just long range, I don’t consider that “mid-range”…

Mid-range to me would be 3-4


Yeah I know that’s the reason I said stomp + the weapon, but I see what you mean now.


I thought it only pushed 3?
I get it now duh it has a range of 2 still helps long range 0 energy heater weapons.


shot gun, bully was my first top 25 design on this new update.
This was my first top 25 mech in this update bully is a better weapon than the new one I wish I didn’t accidentally fuse it.


Any other Free to use weapons? (besides annihilation)


Desolation is free use. You can tell premium weapons from free to use weapons by the transformation range. Premium weapons only have legendary and mythic.


How was the haloween party?


It was fun but that is kind of off topic.


wow, next time ill msg


I got 2 repulser in the hard difficulty in the portal! Lucky indeed! :hushed:

(now w/ the test mech)


12 runs and no one chest :frowning: :


Wait… what’s this? (w/ the blue circle)

*sorry for poor editing skillz


That’s what I am also thinking @ToxicDoll