New Item Portal


Hey Pilots!
There is a new Portal on the map!
This is the only place to get our new item " Repulser".
It’s a strong support weapon meant to work together with long-range weapons. It does little damage but has stronger push capabilities than any other weapons in the game.

Good luck, Pilots!


@Sarah247 just got this item in my free box!


I got 4 of them in the first 5 minutes :grey_exclamation:

And really no need to flag my post before out, because …

  • if devs can find many hours to implement a new portal

  • it would be at least fair and nessessary to find 5 minutes to implement the weekly PROMISED prizes, otherwise WE players in Top 3 Clan get AGAIN no Clan Medals and no prizes

I hope you see now the connection between both themes :grey_exclamation:



You’re exceptionally lucky dude. Like REALLY. Fill a lottery or something today. :slight_smile:

Super Mechs Christmas! :tada:

:question: :question: :question:

I found 4 the first 5 minutes :grey_exclamation:


I’ll give it a go! If I win I may even purchase some reds.



Sadly I’m a heat user but the new item is nice because It’s a rare not epic so easier to get



“exceptionally lucky”


3 in same chest


New push weapon. Got a couple . Thanks .


Another item to favor energy mechs … because the weapons that don´t consume energy are short-range.

What happens with energys in the game? Are the “payers” that invest more money? Or are they within the 2 year limit that Tacticsoft calculates that a “payer” maintains the LTV …?



yes @bestplayerintheworld because

where is the weeks medals?

where is the regard for winner players?


Right now my inventory is full and i have 600+ unclaimed boxes. And i have no gold yet so i cant fuse away from that 200 items I have. So my question is: if i play this portal and this item would be in that box I get… that unclaimed box will be the next unclaimed box I open or it will be the 601th(the last one)?


No. Better look at this and draw your own conclusions … how forums and chats work and how them contribute to encourage your gambling addiction, and which “thing” you are to Tacticsoft. (pg 10)


yass something for my mech

push mechs are comming back -.- :smiley:


I got 5 Repulsers (Rare) when playing through normal to insane mode the first time (3 from hard mode + 2 from insane mode).
And then from the second playthrough on insane I got a Repulser (Epic).

But the epic version is worse than the rare version because the heat created doubles from 11 (rare) to 22 (epic) while the knockback effect (which is the real meaning of the weapon) stays the same.


We are on it now! Hang tight.


So far so good, good boxes, good mission.


Wait… that item on the picture looks different. Does that mean that there is a legendary-mythical version?