New item portal!


So everyone, we got a two day item portal up now. And it drops these new phys legs.

I will warn you now, it’s not going to be easy for everyone. Hell 2300HP here and I got trashed. But hopefully it’s worth it for you all. Drops are decent too, although could be better for the difficulties.


Sweet, these are the legs @KilliN designed if i remember correctly. Thanks BTW mate


Oh, that’s nice. Even though I’m a heat mech. Guess I should just put it on my other mechs.


Not a problem! on another hand, I would avoid farming insane mode and stick to hard mode. Since insane mode is purely for those with no soul.

1100+ hp TANKS, 400+ heat/energy, and 300+ dmg per shot. Even with myth protectors. So be wary of it!


Not everybody will get the legs. Without a repair kit the thing is pretty hairy


ah portal thank you prevent


Hard mode seems to drop at least one repair kit at the half way mark (after killing the two tanks/buggies/walker. Should be fine if you’ve got a 1900+ or more hp mech with either dual malice, CL, savagery, etc. heaters/drainers will be fine here. Phys will have some issues.


That is what i am saying, for the beginners these are not given numbers…


at this point all u need is gold so im just going to throw away all my tokens


I thought its gonna be a legendary/mythical item because the missions are really hard. But its a rare/myth… pretty disappointing.


It really is disappointing. And to top it off, the portal has the same bullshit no box/box/no box drop rate as normal ones.

If anything they should’ve just added in a normal portal with these. It’s not worth farming just for items that will drop at rare+ later on.


i got those legs from free mix box


stats are trash too 28 AM


2 knockback and good dmg as the dev said. Can be usefull for some…


For anyone who wants to abuse 3-6 range weapons. This is perfect for them lmao


Or for people who are bored of the sticky dual annihilation build… Just sayin…


it depends on hp at myth


Main Dev did say they were lower than others, although he didn’t specify which. If it’s still higher than Paws, Feet and others (minus boots/beasts), then they’re worth it. But idk


especially nightfall users


This build is bothersome for pretty much everybody… Including dual nighfall of course