New Item Portal - Zarkares Portal


umm…there is something wrong with that because I got the new torso in normal


Actually there is nothing wrong.
It is just that the chance to get the new torso in normal mode is so small that it is almost impossible.
So to avoid players complaining not getting the torso in normal mode TacticSoft simply states beforehand that it is only possible to get it in hard or insane mode.



20 character limit


As @CloudedSunrise said pretty much.

You are still able to get the weapon normally from any box as soon as it has been put into the game. I once logged and got the item that was in the event in my free mixed box.


I got it from a fortune box


Got the epic version that I am going to upgrade in the near future.This heat torso is the one with the most hit points in its category.Has heat comparable with Windigo and Brutality but it lacks a little bit of energy/regen.Due to its weight(362) I’d say it works best on a physical build or an energy-free heat build.
Very good torso overall,and the look…Have you noticed how it looks like a hybrid between an Avenger torso and the top part of Blazing Boots of every tier?


My congratulations to @Zarkares for the new design.

Thanks to the SM team for portal, it has been very productive in every way.

Respect to the new torso itself, for now I keep the ones I have in my mechs, since the values are very similar to Windigo and Avenger, but this new torso is heavier, so it couldn´t place the weapons I currently use.


Would this be the greatest item they added?
Yes it is the greatest for heat and physical