New Item Portal - Zarkares Portal


dam thats sick plus the stats are even


@Andernut another item to be added in the bounty list :wink:


this is the new meta torso for physical hands down


My torso is stuck at level 15 legendary :rage:


Just beat Insane mode and got a mixed box giving me 2 of those torsos. XD

P.S.: Anyone noticed the resists of the new torso?
It is a heat type torso but its heat resistance is higher than the energy and phyiscal resistances.
But it is not better in total compared to other heat type torsos as the usual resistances are:
7-5-7 at epic level compared to this one’s 5-8-5
14-10-14 at legendary level compared to this one’s 10-15-10
22-16-22 at myth level compared to this one’s 16-24-16


inspite of being an explosive type torso, the explosive resistance is higher than the other resistance types. So I think it’s unique imo :hushed:


From Hard mode


You got that Zarkares or this Zarkares?


I got 2 Zarkares in 1 chest from Hard mode


I was slower that time


oh no here it comes hahahaha


You got 2 Zarkares?
Which are you talking about, this Zarkares or the other Zarkares?


this zarkares from screenshot


Compared to the maxed brutality, Zarkares has more hp and heat/cooling. The downside is just the low energy/regen. In my opinion this torso would fit as physical with annihilators and as heat with the redocking,sorrow and desolation.


Which Zarkares are you talking to?
Zarkares or Zarkares?


Well in future i call the torso “zarkares” and you @Zarkares. Who’s gonna be the next? @Fluxeon , @Merciful, @Mordulec, @bestplayerintheworld or maybe myself? btw don’t be offended if i didn’t call your name. I can’t put everyone in


the name was named after the creator of it. none of those other swell players are creators of sprites, as far as i know.


i want a second valiant ;-;

like really BAD


Who knows… I might create sprites in future when i figured out how to turn on the pc


I’m going to take a few minutes, not to evaluate this torso, but to congratulate the creator of this model, it seems to me one of the most beautiful torsos of the game.

@Zarkares I congratulate you on your talent, keep on growing as an artist.

very special congratulations to the developers @Mohadib and administrators @Sarah247
to take into account the designs of a member of the community of supermechs.