New Item Portal - Zarkares Portal


Hey Pilots!

New Item Portal is available!

This new item was made by a very talented community - @Zarkares!
Zarkares Torso has the potential to get to Mythical.
The portal is open for the next 24h.

Good luck!


I wish everybody the best of luck during this event !


weird that it’s not an anime girl


I love that new portal.

Dropped from a mixed box I just got on hard mode:


I have only gotten normals from it so far


has any1 gotten it yet? pls post stats on here


I was so happy when i saw the gold…


you lucky, give me that weapon!!!


Did you get that on hard mode?


It is the first time I got it.
So I’m sure as hell gonna keep it!


i’m unlucky
10 tokens on insane for 2 rares


The torso looks cool I guess


so fast u got this torso?


Kinda fast I guess I got it on Hard mode


second time when i got rares on insane:cry:





wow that’s so nice :open_mouth:


This is not my screenshot
(I dont have enough items to fuse so I’m stuck at level 15 legendary :frowning: )