New Item Portal - Vandal Rage


Greeting Pilots!
We have opened a new 24 hours portal featuring a new item - Vandal Rage!

This is a Heat based Top Weapon that starts at Epic and can reach Mythical. It was visually designed by Zarkares.

The Vandal Rage is a special heat weapon tailored to massively damage the heat regeneration and the resist drain of your opponent. In fact, the damage it does is so massive it’s limited to 1 use per battle.

Obviously since this is a unique weapon with a Mythical potential, it is impossible to get it in Normal difficulty, and only available in Hard and Insane modes.

As a side note expect more new weapons coming up soon visually designed by some of our favorite forum members!


Good to hear that!

On a side note, drops in Insane difficoulty are somehow low for some of us: It’s my 10th run without any box there, just wanted to point it out :sweat_smile:


thanks for improving the quality of the game, keep it that way and the past fame may not match the future


Yay! So excited for Trinergy! :laughing::laughing:


Happy to say I got 2 so far. Busy upgrading to Legendary. However, like all other heat weapons, stats looks like garbage!

Only one shot? Bloody hell.

Nevertheless, thank you for introducing something new.


this weapon is good for what I saw but in insane literally do not give it, I take 4 times 2 boxes mix and the rest nothing correct that please


1shot , but drains cooldown. isnt that what you want ?


a suggestion in events like this could make the epics that come out be the object in the portal, 5 attempt


But isnt that good? you are getting a guaranteed epic every run

thats free stuff


Not true, you are just being lucky.
I did over 10 runs without a box and I’ve got boxes with just rares.


Go on hard difficulty , every run is a box.

Insane mode is a scam


Let’s try it, nothing to lose anyway.
My Insane runs are just being ridiculous, and I’ve already spent 2 refills.


First insane box

I like it can make something with my covered in dust murmur :slight_smile:

Are chances of getting legendary in item portal higher?


First of all, congratulations to Zarkares again!

I had not realized that it´s only 1 use, so although good, for now I will only use it on 1 of my mechs. Time will tell…


I art and jump the walls, give me the weapon once


can we still get this weapon in regular boxes? like mixes?




Along with the portal , zarkares got a re-sprite.

sooooo smooth


With what drains of energy, Valiant should have only 1 use too!


begone thot