New Item Portal - Vandal Rage Portal

There is the “Vandal Rage Maze” portal. It does not give enough gold or tokens to be a gold portal, so I am assuming it is an item portal.

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No it’s bad gold portal

Yeeeeee finally an item portal!

I just won that weapon 5 minutes ago


Yes yes yes yes ITEM PORTAL

Epic to myth

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just before 1 min i used all my energy on farming ;(

No energy use. might be a game changer

For a energy free mech

bug too i lost 2 box

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energy free mech not free energy mech

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i lost 1 box with that bug but i finally got the item :grinning:

Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish

did somebody start busting this weapon?

its a rly good weapon. However, the range kills. Still, if it had one more push, it could work perfectly with desolation. I also think its the only F2P non energy needing heat weapon

Me…!! I already have it in my mech and I’m maxing it.

I think it was just what I needed. Excellent!

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rays I thought it was a lateral weapon … what sadness it gives that is not lateral

hi do you have this weapon at myth?which level have your weapon?what are her status?

this weapon if it hits a lot I take off the supreme canon

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It´s still in epic. But I’m moving fast enough with the portal articles.