New Item Portal - The Claw


Actually what Mohadib said is not exactly that The Claw would change. What he said is how the Claw could be given less power “without affecting its uniqueness”. The uniqueness of The Claw is its high HP and the fact that it cannot move by itself.

I think that Mohadib’s idea is to change the game style, so to use The Claw you need to use charge, hook and teleport.


Since The Claw is invented f2p players, players with bad luck (who still do not have The Claw) AND players with not best items (L-M) have NO chance to win against players WITH The Claw :exclamation:

Therefor a NERF from The Claw is a MUST BE DONE :exclamation:


Give The Claw the original weight 169 kg and 160 HP less :exclamation:
Problem The Claw solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:



i just got one a few days ago


Are you using avenger for your torso what torso are you using to get that much



She won’t tell you. Why do you think there’s a pumpkin? It’s a great way to keep the torso private.


She uses god mode for her heat torso. I thought maybe she would say.


My torso is avenger level 46 :stuck_out_tongue: I just myth it yesterday