New Item Portal - The Claw


yeah first off.
I want mercy.
Then there are people with it.
Then there are people who want claw and actually build cancer energy/heat builds.


Probably if you have an energy you can win my claw with comfort, because I haven´t mythical HP plates for my phys. If I had platinum in my phys I could add 4 energy modules.

I am in the category of those in the middle. Haven´t 6 platinum, so I´ve to take what I have as I can and trust in luck when I ask for battle. If the right mech comes out, I get possibilities, but if I don´t look at the crystal ball, then I’m a ticket.


Whilst this may be true, it caps off at a certain point, then you are left to compete with the other players within your rank that have better things. My best items have come at little or no cost though, so spending is NOT a determining factor in who gets what. It’s luck and perseverance.

Furthermore, I think the devs are trying to be fair to the F2P players by introducing E-M items that can make a difference. Those things have a lot of us scrambling to adjust builds to counter, and sacrificing HP is going to be necessary quite soon.


Yes, you have had too much luck. It isn´t at all frequent that a player ex f2p obtains in the first purchase 3 platinum. And from then on, his arms race has been on the rise. It´s not at all common by the way.


To correct you, I got 1 plat plate on first purchase and one myth multi-res.

Second purchase another plate.

Fourth purchase another plate. The others came in between for free.

There are no conspiracies that can account for this. It’s just luck.


I don´t believe in luck. Good or bad luck doesn´t really exist, although we name it out of habit. I believe in a server that is proven, has bugs and that therefore, sometimes up and sometimes down.

I also don´t believe that bugs are intentional, but when developers don´t do anything or do very little to solve them, it becomes negligence.


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I did not play The Claw item portal at all but I got very lucky when I had beaten the EMP item portal for the first time cuz I got both the EMP and The Claw :slight_smile:
I beat that portal at Hard


Guys i just got a Claw from a premium box


Stop saying this to all topics.

we get it!


i am going to make a nice turreent bot later any suggestions


sorry i just got exicted


Well that does not mean you have to say it everywhere.
Make a topic about it.


like what are the chances of the claw from a box


i will write that down


It´s easier, that is, there are more chances of obtaining a Claw in a box than a platinum.

You can also get free on the portals. On the other hand, platinum is practically impossible to obtain for free. There are some cases, but they are very isolated cases.

Congrats! Whatever the build you will do with The Claw, don´t forget to place hook, charge and teleport.


Man, I thought Mohadib announced that they changed the Claw but it’s just some guy saying he got it lol.