New Item Portal - The Claw


Hard is hard af for me.


XD the easy was pretty hard on my mech. and i am supersized i got past it. i got about 1250 hp and i finished with bout 30


You finally got the claw!


This thread was finally dead…


yah it took a lhile but every thread eventually dies


OMG, what an abomination…


Actually, Claw serves me for this mech.

In my heats it´s complicated because it doesn´t move and heat need movement.


They probably made it that way so that pilots could strategize. I put nighteagle on mine so I can most my opponent.


Depends what you pack. I have a claw heat, and it’s effective for its purpose …energy-free energy killer, plus stands up against heaters pretty okay.


I just made one of the filthiest energy counters with a Heat Bomb lol

hold up I’m in the wrong thread


Look @Mr.E, don´t be offended by I am going to say … but if I had all the myth HP plates that you have, I would also feel Pelé and would be giving advice in forum.

I appreciate your advice, but really I know my mech and if I say that I need movement and that the claw would not be useful in my heat, it´s so.


My heat mech has no hp plates.

So only people with no hp plates can give advice here? Then you need to stop doing so yourself. I thought your sourness had dissipated after getting those claws.

…guess not!


In this game there are no good and bad players, there are no good or bad builders. Everything is summarized in 3 categories of players:

  • Those who have a lot.

  • Those who have half a lot.

  • Those who have very little.

If you are part of the first group it doesn´t matter if you are a monkey with pistols, you will win the same.

Thank that it´s a game only! Because if it were real life we would all walk on 4 legs and live in caverns.


Put me in the middle category. I have close to no decent weapons. Go look at my mechs if you don’t believe me. 1 mercy and 2 Spartans between 3 mechs!

Yes I may have 5 myth plates (one not even used) and 1 multi-res, but that doesn’t make me anywhere near as loaded as others. I have improvised, innovated, and SLAVED to get where I am in this game!

I reserve my opinion as to who is the “monkey with pistols”


I might enter the monkey category… but you certainly dont… (this amount of plat plate tho :joy:)


You are where you are through both build excellence and persistence. I know where you came from bro.

Your luck and item inventory most definitely does not define you as a player, or detract from your success in the game.


Why do you people revive the topic.
12 AM


Because nobody is forcing you to read it.


Because Wepwawet got a claw and I did not. Which means my account is more blocked than hers. Hehe


I think there are good and bad players. I think, to a smaller degree, there are good and bad builders. Mostly, I agree that items are the truest difference maker. Specifically it is claw, plat plates and protectors that change the game. Look through the ranks for whatever proof is required.

Weapons can impact things, but the best weapons and builds don’t overcome the high HP and resist items. I have 2 well built mechs that lack claw and/or plats. It doesn’t matter how good my weapons are or how well i play, when my combined total of HP is 1800 less than the combined total of my opponent, it is no longer 2v2, it is 2v3.