New Item Portal - The Claw


I got the item and I’m happy with the portal


You should see it at mythical


top players, here i come :slight_smile: (again)


109 Weight / 860 HP.

The item of years !


H-How does this happen


sure you did(20chars)


so… hard… Wish for better portal…


Same here…bud…
Because seriously…it’s soo hard.


i just hope next item portal is NOT SO HARD! like i could barely pass heard mode! HARD MODE! i only made it once and then i couldn’t pass it!


I just came up to a thing we discussed a lot, but I never saw a solution / bug-fix about …

MAYBE this cause all the “problems” / “unluck” :

When you play Campaign it throw you back to Level 25 :exclamation:

@Fluxeon got 20 Legendaries / I got not 1 … both played Item Portal endless :exclamation:
(+220 runs)

@Fluxeon did you refresh the browser every single time, when you played the Item Portal :question:

Sidenote: refreshing the browser before collecting loot, let you get back to the level, where you are for real :exclamation:

:question: :question: :question:

P.S.: why this BUG - throwing back to Level 25 at Campaign is now a thing for years :question:


The change in THE CLAW weight from 169 to 109 in mythical is a bug.
The people at TS replied to me and said that they MIGHT change it .


thats pretty damn funny


eyyy they did change it hurrah


Is this like GodMode reloaded


512743 is the number


2 yellows, 2 refills :slight_smile:


Did you get that from ez or hard?


Hard ofc


Mkay…but still…can you get legy at normal?


i got one on hard you may get one on hard