New Item Portal - The Claw


I know this is the most hated solution to these problems but nobody forced you to pay money, you pay money, you made the decision. whether you got anything or not is your problem, as you know it is a gamble. If you spent money on tokens for refills and didnt get anything well oh well.
Furthermore about the portal, once again, to bad. You cant complain that it sucks when a lot of people got really good drop rates, its just whiny and annoying. You dont like your droprates, oh well, Either just play the game and have fun with it, or dont plat.


5% of the total player (many people pffffff)

You must be blind to say that many people. only a minority. But when it’s your turn to complain, I’ll be there to remind you of your words today.


I dont complain about drop rates.


Whatever you complain about, I’ll be there to remind you that it’s your decision to be in the game, therefore you can not complain about anything, because it’s your decision to play.


Ok! Feel free buddy!


I just wanted the increased chance packs to arrive so I can spend me tokens… otherwise I’ll buy gold


when are they adding in the enegey scope?
or is it a lie like the cake?
is the phys corrupt light going to be a real thing?
are heat grenade launchers and grenade rear hits going to be re-added in?


So it will be, anyway I have no idea who you are in the game … If you’re new or not … I’ve only seen you in some post.


Rank 6, so not a top player, but definitly not new…


The what??


is it better to have a lv 49 heat engien or a maxed out one?


Bloody dingus, this isn’t the general max thread. It’s the Claw thread


i know, i am just about to max mine
and that doesn’t answer my question


And that doesn’t excuse your post.

Post on here:

And there’s also the Maxed Mythicals thread where you can go see if a maxed item is worth it or not


i ppst in maxed mythical items and i found this image


I understand, well, we all go through that path sometime as is your user? maybe we can do some tests with your new items.


wow you did the same thing i did… lol


@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

Can you fix this ISSUE please :exclamation:


Before the weight from The Claw raised from Legendary 109 kg to Mythical 169 kg - now it was changed to stay at 109 kg :question:


Or just state that the Game finishes NOW :exclamation:

  • new best item … The Claw

  • Top Players (a lot, not all) had NO CHANCE to get it with Item Portal, doesnt matter how much time and money they invested

  • @tacticsoft REDUCED now the weight :question:

:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:


a single item destroys the meta… Feels like what they keep doing with the old supermechs… New items replacing old items and you have to spend more $$$ to get the new items. This time they don’t even put the L-M items in Clan reward so there is no way to get them.


Wouldn’t that defeat the point of them being rare and special.