New Item Portal - The Claw


let’s be honest who’s moving … that’s an exaggeration 816 … should to be 600 … are legs not a torso, now the grim could easily carry these and we’ll see energys to another level …


Lol I’m so bad at debating. I’ll just say that the devs don’t listen to the community and do what they want.



+35 kg for +409 HP seems a great deal :exclamation:
(compared to the Rolling Beasts - one of the best “legs” around)


Compared to a Platinum Plate …

40 kg … 315 HP

5 kg less + 94 HP … the new best item :exclamation:

And the cannot-walk-or-jump thing can easy be ignored, with that high HP and a lot of moving items (also with double use) :exclamation:


The reason why certain players - again - cannot get this item … so many accidents :exclamation:


Solution :

repeat this item Portal, this time with really higher drop rates, to give ALL players the chance to get them :exclamation:



Great Idea ! :upside_down_face:


Oh maaan. You equiped the 3 plat plate on his claw build? Hurts just to think about it…


Also, i find it incredibly unhealthy for people to spend the stated amount of time just farming a portal.
I know the game is adictive, i still have withdrawl simptomes, but the fact that i no longer know the password helps alot.
You actualy spent 1230 tokens,that means 410 runs, i can assume a run takes about 4m, including dead times… that is a total spent time of 27h?
Really not liking that, bro… doeant matter what you got… still not worth it from my point of view.


already started tacticsoft to place flags, delete comments that reveal the truth about this game, and began to do the only thing that really knows to do. “hide”


1 L-M



It’s better than what it seems: I was working on my pc for my university stuff so I just left a window on 1/4 of my screen running SM in autoplay and I’ve used the other 3/4 to actually do my tasks, didn’t really spent my time following the game. Then I went to the dojo, had a homemade dinner with my friends after my training session and hang out with 'em till late in the night. I just resumed the portal early this morning when I woke up for handling my uni stuff and let it run till lunch time. Didn’t touched SM from that moment, and won’t touch it again till tomorrow.

On SM I only do my dailies in person and burn my fuel 2 times a day on autoplay while I do more important stuff. Trust me when I say you that I don’t really spend much time on the game. I may be online but most of the time it’s just my phone or my pc running campaign while I do something else.

RL is way better than any virtual alternative to me :slightly_smiling_face:


indeed sir u r right


they need to change some of the stats with the item in my opinion… 5 less weight :ok_hand:


not 5 less weight… take off all the weight and add 2000 hp and make the stomp 300 dmg add jump and walk foward and backward and we gucci (JK)


lol, i just think 169 weight is kinda random… idk (plus tbh i thought it’d be able to jump up to 3 from looks)


yeah, i thinjk its impossible to make your mec max weight (1000) but i think you can get pretty close


exactly… plus i think people should be able to fit at least a electric hook (least weight) in there somewhere


I feel that people just need to accept luck, and that they wont score everyday. I for one got 3 legendaries and an average of 1 epic per run, which is awesome But then somebody with like 3 magma blasts complains about this portal…


@Sarah247 it’s not fair to spend more than 600 tokens and it did not come out to me it’s new itemen. By: Laszeski


@Sarah247 ,you see many player hate this one,please improve portal in next time!


15/25 player think this portal is bad!It is over half!


This game not a casino.
understand? Or do you think because you have good result in this portal all is good, but if in other portal you spend 600t and not received nothing. What do you think about portal ?

What do you think about of the 5% of players that obtain weapons? If they said hey you accept that dont have luck?

the most telling proof is that most 80% of the players who invested a lot of time and money did not obtain nothing, look at the comments of all the posts of the last 3 days and maybe you understand a bit.

When a prize is offered that mentions that there will be a high percentage of obtaining the item, the players invest their money. but the reality is that there was a very low percentage, then that could be interpreted as “deceptive offer” therefore it is a scam.