New Item Portal - The Claw



List of legendaries that I got.



Heeeey Nice BONUS


Great list … so it seems proven, certain accounts get blocked :exclamation:

40 hours tried
more than 220 runs on Insane and Hard ( +170 Insane +50 Hard)
… NOT 1 (:exclamation:) Legendary :exclamation:


P.S.: wth are you using as device … Commodore64 :question: Is that prison standard :question:


Looks like your meme in supermechs memes thread came true! :joy:


I always had this doubt. I didn’t got nothing useful from month, only useless lege


That’s why I put it there… because it happened to me before… and now it happened again… I think this is the 5th card now… :slight_smile:


I get two legendary item totally!


Let do the rating of this portal!
How many rating would you like to give?

  • *(1 ster)
  • **(2 sters)
  • ***(3 sters)
  • ****(4 sters)
  • *****(5 sters)

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If a lot of player think this portal is less than 3 sters, @Sarah247 please improve this portal


1* is mean the worst ,5* is mean the best


I’d say 3-it’s an average portal in my opinion.decent drop rates,but hard to farm


I thought I could go to the portal when I woke up … a pity that has faded


Gave it 2 stars because it’s an L-M item. The only portal that I can think of that is worse was the Armour Destroyer one.


I did…
But i am still around here… it is better.
Ps: not a flying f was given about the portal, the opinion that are expresed by me, are just from deducted comon sense.
The Claw just became the next “must have” item in the game, closely folowed by myth plates.
Those that have both of them… will rule the ladder.
Another carrot for the spenders.
Do try and remember the experience of ultracooling module


the ironic thing is that the cooling module and the claw a lot got it for free … I guess this will almost not fall … like all the l-m … difficult you fall a legend and general is an epic item …


It wasn’t meant to be an attack to you Metre. It’s just that I’m kind of sick to see that literally everything is bad for some people. Since autoplay update everything has been better imo, I just didn’t liked fuel cap cut, relics and crypto mining, everything else was a step in the right direction to me. Ofc it’s a personal opinion, but when every post you (meant as an impersonal you, a generic guy, not you as Metre) make here on the forum is about how much you hate the game maybe you can just let it go and avoid us the struggle of this infinite whining.
There were people here writing ‘20 runs and still no legs bla bla bla’. 20 runs? Really? I’ve spent 1230 tokens in refills. That was a high amount of runs. 20 runs are nothing for coming here and scream about how you are not getting those legs.
That said I’ve also read about someone who did a high amount of runs and didn’t get 'em, and this ofc can be considered an issue. I’m in agree with that. But don’t come here talking about how your 20 runs didn’t provided you this item.
Again, that’s just my opinion. I usually try to help people and have a good attitude, but lately I felt the forum got a new level of whining that made me read it less and post way less. Many people don’t even try to improve, everything they own is okay and everything they cannot get and defeat 'em is to be nerfed. Over and over.
Those legs are out since 2 days and no one knows how they will really affect the game, give it at least the time to happen if it has to be. At this moment it’s just speculation and whining.
On a side note PlatPlat and PlatProtector are still the most unbalanced items and it’s way better to get 'em over those legs.
That said feel free to disagree, those were my 2 cents and I felt the need to share my pov since it’s bothering me for a few weeks by now.

Now talking about you as Metre, instead, I feel it’s good to have you still around since you are a good addition to the community imo and you are generally ready to help others, at least from what I’ve seen. So I don’t desire you to leave us. Yet I feel this community without a couple of specific people would be way better.

Peace :slight_smile:


You are at off topic…


Like every news and updates, eventually it will die.

But yeah, we’re getting off topic.


I feel scared … please tell me that nerf that hp … mini mech heat can not win if my enemy has 2500-2800 hp … I hope not to exaggerate


Lack of mobility is already a huge cost for high hp. Don’t nerf it.

Plus, it’s a L-M item, so you’ll only encounter mech with these builds rarely.


From what i have seen about them, the stats, and having worked with some players on their builds to incorporate them i can say they are game changers, based on the outcome of their builds… monsters.
I had the oportunity to work with a player that has 3 platplats and these new “legs”, and i can say that what came out of our heads(the build), will bring terror in the arena.
Sure there are some shortcomings to these legs, but with the right utility items, and modules, and wepons setup… you will see.
Again this is from rather a limited experience on these new legs… but the outcome is overwhelming.
I will stay around as long as the comunity needs my help, and they have interest in GOAT.