New Item Portal - The Claw


lucky, hopfuly soon my 3rd one shows up


It’s looking walk/jump function is not active on this legs.
Can anyone confirm or not this?


Which level did you play it?


Only hard, but i make more 300 runs…


Which mech do you use it?


Energy one, malice beam, last word, hysteria, face shocker and 5 hp epic modules, others energy / zark torso and lightning supporters


Can you show your mech to me look it?



Thanks for your show photo!:grinning:


this one is good for heat mechs, i can do hard with no repair kits and still have around 300hp


I am at +220 runs (170 Insane / 50 Hard) … not 1 single Legendary (means also no The Claw “legs”) :exclamation:
40 hours :exclamation:


@Sarah247 and @Mohadib
Sorry - I can’t for a specific reason :exclamation:


I have great offer for tacticsoft …

I will gift you 50,000 $ :exclamation:

Just choose a number between 1 and 17,000,000 :exclamation:

Very high / great / amazing chances for you :exclamation:

If you choose the right number, the money is yours :exclamation:

Easy money :exclamation:


P.S.: one try cost only 49,999 $ … sorry forgot to mention that before :exclamation:

I... hate.... this.... portal

instead of wasting 50k for an item in a pointeless game , donate them to the children and people that need it…


How do you make a new topic?
And the item portal doesn’t even give the item even if we run it over a hundred times .


I got 2 of them under 11 reffils (and 3 natural over night reffils)


Why waste :question: If they try a 2nd time I am + 49,998 $ :exclamation:
And I can garantee you, they will need a 2nd try for sure :exclamation:



Lucky you…


I understand but like , still.

50k is a lot of money just to spend on just ONE item.


Sorry, you still didn’t understand my offer :exclamation:
Read my post / offer again :exclamation:
(no offense)



The list of the items I’ve received from the portal:
Only hard morde.
More or less 20 refills.

Myth food:

dynamic stopmers
burning boots
blazing legs
mighty cannon
naga torso
iron frenzy
anubis torso
brutality torso

Better myth food:

the claw
the claw
rolling beasts

eh… crap like always…


I estimate around 30 refills needed to get around 20 legendaries so 3 refills equal 2 legendaries… I only refilled twice… lol me