New Item Portal - The Claw


lucky I really want spartan


INWANT THE CLAWS and you got them !


which one hard or easy


Grind hard . Insane is not worth it


oh man hard is kind of hard for me but i can


Make sure you edit your mech to make it easier! get some extra HP and maybe a physical resistance module.


oh my got i never thought of that and 19 hours left


And sweete will make from you bucket of bolts…


that is so true my friend :slight_smile: but i did get some sleep


10 runs on HARD=0 epics,0 leg items :rage:


The legendary chances are lower than usual. Most of the time I get at least 1 legendary with a refill but this time I don’t even get a box most of the times. Maybe im just really unlucky.


I think tactisoft nerf the portal today :frowning:


Who would have thought this?

On insane mode I need to play manually and have everything happen to my advantage in the battles as well as I need to get at least 1 repair kit.
Only then I have a chance to beat insane mode on this portal.

On hard mode however my same mech can win even without any repair kit while playing from start to finish in auto-pilot.


I don’t see the reason for complaints, They gave us an item portal with an actually balanced item, it has high epic drop rate. Nothing but good came out of this, but people always want more…give them legendaries and they will scream for mythicals.
Edit I just got a legendary windigo, nice myth food. Im very happy with this portal.


so we can still get portal boxes


Yea, the portal gives at least 1 epic majority of times, some people got legendaries, I just got one!


I have to tell you that this portal is for op people…
Soo it’s not for everyone.
Even i will be happy if i had my sec acc back.And geting item’s on portal.
Why does this alway’s happening to me?


Woah I just got another legendary! Both hard mode! Just a void, more myth food, but still, I like it!


What’s the legendary?


…I said it…