New Item Portal - The Claw




I know Elcent!
We are at off topic.


Sorry but I don’t think you read what I said or are trying to make it sound like I am trying to stop all bad thoughts of the game.

This is not the case. I’m simply stating that purely negative comments help no one. There is no need to insult with comments and a far better way to give feedback would be to do so without any insults at all.

Feel free to give any feedback you have. Just leave the negativity out. You can say you dislike an item/update and give brilliant feedback as to why you think that but insulting is just unnecessary.


so then no saying bad thing to each other got it


There were tons of feedback, posts, threads, PM’s, nothing changes, nobody listens to community.


I used appropriate words in my opinion to describe the drop rates of this portal


Ok a big part of forum think we have a so baddas drop rates, and explaine why that a really worth, they give their opinions and give alternatives… and why after that, we can’t talking about that from another possition?


damn thats correct yes finaly someone gets what i am saying


I can’t fuqin tell but…
You are right!
Even tho i made an holiday topic…
No anwser’s…


yah in olny got answers from elcent about what i did wrong to make better topics


I did only insane. 13 refills, spent 400t. Approximately 120-130 runs, after 120 runs I got two claws in a row. In total, I received 5 legends. (2 claws, Iron boots, Shocking hook and Bloodweep)


2 claws?
So it has more chance to get it…
thank’s for information.


look at this i did it

but no box but this time i used no tokens @Sarah247 this is like one of the times i never used tokens why


11 refills i get only Shocking hook!
After buying the tokens, I got 4 legendary for 2 refils!


what i cant buy tokens


Meet the another lucky person.


I just want you to explain to me because at the end of the portal mission my mech will appear at the entrance … this is normal


i dont know as long as you get your reward


Yes, that some connect glitch , dont worry


I actually got a spartan . I have grinded the mission for 12 hours total. 3 legends . Spartan typhoon and an armor dissolver