New Item Portal - The Claw


Lel,i do the same thing…


I can not believe what I am reading, it means that now the forum will be like the game, that is, a farce, you want to fill the forum with positive comments, do you want to create a false reality about the thoughts of the majority? Do you want to pretend that the players are happy? Why do you want to create a false vision about how players see Supermechs?

If I could mark and hide your comment I assure you that I would mark it without hesitation, because your answer is very arrogant, even very contemptuous towards the players that we make life in the forum.


You win ! I quit . 12 hours of grinding and nothing . 3 legendaries but no new claws . Got me again tacticsoft !


Oh look…i lost again…
Fuq this bullcrap…
Im with Joey


With all the repsect I have to you @Elcent, but this item is a GAME-CHANGER, a must have, if you want be staying competitive :exclamation:

And telling …

… is nothing else, than giving hope BUT in real only making money, with that VERY LOW drop rates :exclamation:

  • 120 runs now and not 1 Legendary item, also no The Claw “legs” :exclamation:

… that is not an accident :exclamation:

But I saw and hope, that your replay @Elcent is more about the once who started insulting :exclamation:




You are…too much an artist with these replay’s


wait so then we can only do them on hard and insane to get them i never even got any thing i need today i only got trash


Yes only on Hard and Insane mode you have a chance for … but even there after several (:exclamation:) fuel refills and +20 hours trying … not 1 so far :exclamation:

+120 runs on Insane mode



i now this is complete bull its crazy


Saying there is a chance to get the claw at hard and insane is like saying there is a chance to win the lottery lmao


i know its such a low chance for me


Took me 2 revives to beat hard and for what 3 rares


i think i just need higher damage


What is the best weapon/item that everybody has gotten from this portal?


nothing good hey did you do it with a phy mech


yes i did and i do it on hard mode i have gotten 4 leg 3 of which are premium


oh okay then i must mean i need more damage


I wasted several tanks of fuel and no claws.

Well, it IS an L-M item so it makes sense. But this is still a load of nonsense.


1 epic zarkares. Now I have complete my GOAT.


Ugh…i got zark