New Item Portal - The Claw


meh, we all have our weaknesses. plus, I just got a load of cash for my brithday so its not so bad that I dropped another 20 quid on the game. might have to stay strong though if I dont get the claws once my tokens will run out. more than 20 quid for that item is pretty bad when you stop to think about it.

I preffer to think of it like this:
20 quid is about 6 pints at a pub, more if you buy the cheap cans from the local.

get a room, you two, there are children present.


Disc golf my man. I ball golf but not that good . 85 is a great golf score for me . Disc golf I play well under par .


cant get darn claw the rates are extremly low and my bot isnt strong enough to do insane


You scared the shet out of me. Love the game myself. Teach you to deal with frustration like no other. Hence im chill with SM.


Omg! Don´t forget to take your toolbox. Let´s make her mourn a little. Good luck!


Family friendly pg clean.


Congratz on -99 resistance.

Btw. I think the boss also has a hook.
But for unknown reasons it uses that hook only sometimes.


Nap no good 1st insane run


Got legend hurlbat and last words from hard.myth food,at least…


Hahahaha I wish Inwas that good at ball golf. I have two friends that are scratch golfers and they DESTROY me … Until We bet . For one hole I can be the greatest golfer alive . That’s what keeps us coming back .


yeah I agree. Not taking a break can be bad for your internal organs and your body, as it wears out and will start to start functioning in a more… inaccurate way.


@Elcent… if it´s luck and you have not got it, it means then that you have also had bad luck. I think nobody makes positive comments when they have bad luck in chance.

We cannot even comment anything about this weapon because most of us haven´t it, all you can say is mere speculation. Dreaming costs nothing, but dreams can be quite different from reality.

And it doesn´t seem really positive to me, to issue comments based on dreams and illusions as a crazy. At least, if we had the new item we could comment with more property.


@bestpIayerintheworId There is only one explanation for this

Magic-meme (1)

Wepwawet You always talk about things being logical in this forum, tell me what the logic tells you about your case, what is the probability that 2 legendary dishes come out in 1 box ?. right after you make a claim to the tacticsoft team.

You are right in saying that it was not free, but it is also true that this box was assigned to your account with (2 plates assigned to you).


At least the minions are easy in hard mode i cant play insane :frowning:


You do realize some people actually do this stuff like this on top of blowing money on game …right ?

I finance 2 missionary trips in the last year to build 2 wells and buy a small heard of goats for them also :slight_smile:


They did not come in 1 box. I bought many boxes. I think the second one appeared 1 or 2 days after the first one.

That was 2 months ago. Afterwards I have continued buying and never again.

And the truth, it is not at all pleasant to have to send this type of messages. It’s not nice to have to send any kind of message to any technician.

One hopes that things are as they should be.

And I don´t believe in magic, I’m an atheist.


Then how do you explain this :slight_smile:


hahaha !! I saw a “magician” doing that in a show !! But guy was in smaller cloths and the light of the lamp could be seen through the body. I bet you don´t dare to do it like that!


I don’t say that i don’t belive in magic…



Also you are both at off topic.
Including me.


Yes. i may play games alot, but i at least sleep. while @DDark_515k doesnt -_-