New Item Portal - The Claw


The problem is why someone can get this leg easily and a lot of players can’t get it!:confused:


Of course guys. New item = higher drop in packs. Didnt try myself but you’d probably already have the thing. Agree with @Wepwawet, guys hanging around with 2 of them didnt get it in the portal (a guess hein)


yeah but you also get hella fuse items.

so its a win-win situation


İf you get them that is :wink:


You guys actualy realise that with the money that ALL of us top spenders have spent on this… we could have actualy done something good … like giving them to the poor, or to orphans, or to foundations that build wells in Africa…
Yet we have spend it here, on meningless items, on a game that frustated and angered us so much…
Nothing good comes out of this game…nothing good.
PS: time for me to take a ride on Mysstress… the weather is so fine outside now.
Well almost nothing good…it made me realise that there are so much better things to do then this…
PSs: if you treat this game as a game… it could be great… also, letting go of grudges, is like having a big stone lifted from ones chest.


If admins put rates of box drops and item tiers then people can see for them selfs before they waste tokens on a item with (e.g) 5% drop rate which could be good or bad in the meta


opened two premium packs.

both gave only epics.

search for the claws continues.


brandOP already has 2 of these. Maybe he can tell us if he bought boxes or if he got them in the campaign


Spider it can walk,but why this spider leg can’t walk it!XD


And i thought you were mildly smart… well defenetly not today…maybe tomorow?


CANOPY is also have two legs too!


PAcks arent droppig them either . I tried that.


yall should of waited for the pack discount on the item.

they always do that


I see that today isn’t your day either…bro go out and play frisby, or work on the truck, you are allowed even to rollerblade today…


Good! Enjoy !! I want a Mysstress too! :motor_scooter:


I hear you @El_Metre. I’m stupid . I know I have to find a way out of here . My hang up is 1) I spent so much time effort and yes money on this game 2) I fought hard to make it an actual good game and be a good ambassador for SM 3) hate quitting a fight with " THE MAN" 4) now I have my account back after I was dumb enough to trust someone and I want to enjoy it. This isn’t a job but I will be damned if it doesn’t feel like one


here you go sweetie:

Wanna go for a ride? :wink:


Ps @El_Metre I am playing two new courses tomorrow and I recently won a doubles tournament in Pro division . Me and my partner shot -15 out of 18 holes :slight_smile:


i suddenly feel very gay


You golfing mate? -15 is no joke. 2 balls best ball i assume?