New Item Portal - The Claw


Which level did you play it?


I just realised that the Claw looks a bit like an octopus


Same here, no chance to get 1 Legendary or the new “legs” with more than 100 runs on Insane :exclamation:

Wow - so you got “free” stuff with dealing - or like you called it “beg on my knees” - with the devs :exclamation:

That’s a new thing and explains, why some lied about having Platinum Plates, even it is proven, that they have some :exclamation:



What level did you play it?


Why you give this leg to someone,and I can’t get it!
Also how can get this leg easily?:disappointed_relieved:


pff easy just give bribe and they will draw it in your inventory… like we have a platinum plate event… hehe… the main question how much you’re ready to pay for it ))


Many players running around with 2 and 3 claws. I can’t get even though 130 runs on insanse and hard.

Something fishy in this game!


I wonder how does a stomp with it look.


I didn´t get anything for free. Do not get wrong!

I invested $ 1,700 for a platinum that I never got. $ 1700 … !! Is that free? I could have made a trip directly to Israel with that.

Finally I decided to send a message, I asked them to check my account, that something was wrong with my account, because it´s impossible that I had not obtained a single platinum. 2 days later I bought boxes (not free, I bought them) and there were 2 platinum. Since then never again. However, the person to whom I sent the message told me that it had nothing to do with it. So, they did not even check my account!

I am a person accustomed to earn everything with personal merit and paying if you have to pay. I have never had to go to ask for a job, usually they call me at my house.

When someone said here that there was a blockage on certain accounts, I was the first to say that this is nonsense. That I could accept that there was an unresolved bug, but not a block. Then I started making a history of my own and comparing with other accounts. I started to ask also, some players sent me pm. And in the end I concluded that there is indeed the possibility that some accounts have blocks for certain elements, including mine. I could never build a decent energy, because a bunker shell never came to my inventory, when others had 9 of these!

I don´t call a disloyal competitor a player who has invested $ 1,700 in a game and claims because he has not obtained.


Just like every other leg. One side will go up then down. I’ve seen it in action.


Finally got them , oof.


You get this new leg?
If yes,how many times do you play it?


I quit doing insane. My mech had 2900 hp with premium . I still had to manually play to avoid as many REVIVES as possible. I am grinding hard now . I have had over 150 total runs so far in last day and I have gotten two legendary . Armor dissolver and typhoon torso. I had a run of nine insane in a row with NO BOX . I will get them on hard or not at all and if I can’t compete at a top level without them I will probably have to break free from this addiction.


So it seems tacticsoft make the chances for specific items individual to certain players :question:
Or even gave this player some “food” 1 or 2 of them, and after put the chances to 0 :question:

To get as much money as possible :exclamation:

But that would be a brutal and very criminal fraud :exclamation: :question:


And your explanation does not explain this words from you …


6 refills.

so 73x8 (2 from natural overnight reffils)


don’t play insane it useless - play only hard… got 4 or 5 legendary items… but still no claws…


I’m on 17 refils now

aand a few tanks of naturally generated feul as well.

all and all about 20 runs insane and 150+ runs on hard.

got 4 legendaries but still no claws.

feel like giving up, but can’t. I have so many good ideas for what to do with those claws.

wish me luck lads, the fight continues. :fist:


You got a valiant , so can i.

6 refills and 2 regenerated ones with only the claws.

Best of luck to everyone :ok_hand:


It´s that that is what I felt! I felt like I was begging on my knees for something. I didn´t even know how to write it. The only thing I said was “check my account, there is something wrong, if I don´t get this item I will have to leave the game because I am no longer competitive”.


With what you have invested in refill and what you plan to continue investing, you would have already bought some premium packs and maybe you would have obtained them.

I have seen players who already have 2 of these. I doubt very much that they obtained them in campaign.