New Item Portal - The Claw


Hello Pilots,

We just released “The Claw”.
These legs are extremely powerful but they cannot walk or jump.
They have high Damage and high HP.

For the next 48 hours play the Portal and you can get them in Hard or Insane at a higher drop rate.

If you want to see them in action play the Boss at the end of the portal!

Good luck and as always leave your feedback.

Analyzing Claw Portal by the numbers

wait it doesnt move???


I understand it this way …

Yourself can move, but opponent cannot make you move with push or pull :exclamation:


Very great legs against the pushers :exclamation:



Awesome! Hope I get these!


Nice boss on insane lvl… hehe…


** octopus **


I think it is very high hit points


Claw Boss 2949 HP (Insane mode) :exclamation:


They “cannot walk or jump”. Here come the face rolling, planted tree in the mid of the arena build.
I mean seriously, they cant walk or jump???
What kind of HP “high HP” means?


So basically making a sentry gun out of your mech?
This would be pretty bad for physicals.
And many builds using these would be way to counterable due to the lack of mobility…
Thia is the last thing we needed…
But idk,maybe we could make something amazing,like a fortress of some sort :slight_smile:
Definitely worth testing but idk how many options it would give us…

Please tell us when you’re going to launch an actual item,like a gun or a torso or anything.


I beat him,but I can’t get it!:disappointed_relieved:


have beat them twice on insane… but got only epic teleport… not sure what is going on with drop rate… will keep trying… got power bottoms lol…


nice boss :wink:


Now this is cool

It may never be used, idk but I have to see the stats first
If it has good stats, it could make a very good addition to the game!!
And thank you for item portal :slight_smile:


Who will win :question:

3387 HP vs 2949 HP


Wow, just saw the boss. It looks awesome!

It is coolest looking leg in game imo


Of course is you win!:wink:


ummmmm…are they L-M?


Getting lots of GOAT items… noice


Just got some rolling beasts… Won’t complain