New Item Portal - Heat Bomb


I guess EMP can deal more energy dmg than heat bomb’s heat dmg
but same energy cost as it drains
400+ energy drain I guess…


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it’s battlemechs’ bomb…


How many times do you have to play on these portal levels to get the Item? I have played like 50 times, lots of epic items but not even one heat bomb. Do you have a higher probability of getting the Item in insane mode?


As I said a couple of posts above, stick to insane:


i have done hard and gotten over 100 epics and 7 legendery


You Are Just LUCKY!


and they just keep on coming, i have gotten 3 more legenderys !!!


nope, i got a rare mate


we should care about that because … ?
if you want a good drop rate don t write on forum about how many lm s you got


idk mordu, i got all lege from hard


Mind you.
I didn’t get a single legendary in about a week.


Insane mode? Ok I will keep that in mind. I was doing it on hard but ok.


I also didn’t get a legendary in 13 premium boxes.


Yeah I opened about 20.
I counted since about 2 or 1 month ago.
Out of those premium boxes I opened.
0 legendaries.
15 useless epics.
3 somewhat useful epics.
2 great epics.


i know that there is a high chance of getting a legendary for the first time you clear the portal
but what about the next times ? do you get any legendary ? did you guys ?


The first time you get fortune lol
Soo i think there is no chance.


I got quite a few legs after (never got one the first time).

Weirdly today I’m not even getting epics, which is strange since all day yesterday I was getting metric shit tons of them


You may get them at hard mode…yet again?


This portal gave me better items than all the above. Even better than what I bought.

So I will follow it until the end.


You guys come up with the most interesting ideas out there. :thinking: