New Item Portal - Heat Bomb


Welcome Heat Bomb!
For the next 48 hours, you can find the heat bomb in the Portal!
This special weapon deals an extremely high amount of heat damage but also generates the same amount of heat for the attacker. It goes from tier Epic to Mythical.
This should introduce strategies to your Mech builds.
Next week we will release the EMP which is the Heat Bomb’s cousin.

In other news:
We will Increase Sword damage next week. We hope that after the update Axes and Hammers will be more useful. Axes and Hammer we are keeping as is for now.
If we need to we will adjust again based on community feedback.

Good luck pilots!


Wait why am i doing?
Nice btw
And you kinda heared my opinion about adding more dmg swords at the next update!
Hope this game wont die.
Also EMP will come soon?!
Can’t wait!!

EDIT: it gave me fortune on ez level lol


holy that looks badass

Surprised its been 13 minutes. And this topic wasn’t hammered with replies.
Also it looks like a more ritual looking version of savagery.
EMP looks like a weapon I made.
But mine actually LOOKED like a ritual.
Is the new heat weapon going to be a ritual too?

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I was thinking the same thing…
Where is everyone?


Probably at school lol

Btw my brother said that this thing is epic-myth.

It’s pretty good.

Oh and the dmg is weak.
But the heat is amaizing! 135 heat!

EDIT:That thing is not a rocket…it’s same as those cannons.


U always get a fortune box when u beat a mission for the first time

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Ty for explaining

Plz buff axes too
Reduce the damage a bit but increase range

Get ready energy mains :)))


Do it for myth.

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At epic level 1 that much heat damage
Imma use them alot
But knowing that EMP will be the opposite
It’s again gonna make evergy even stronger

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But Heat Bomb is energy-free and light

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Hey ik u max items pretty quick so can u post a screenshot when u do max it out

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Flux is fast as a rabbit.


Can’t wait for the 3 heat bomb, corrupt light and double flaming scope builds to come in xD


Don’t forget vandal rage


Lol got dat item.

3 heat bomb, 1 magma, and two vandals, with a murmur :)))

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2 heat bomb+2crimson rapture+vandal rage +desert snake with murmur is better