New Item Portal - Grave Diggers!


Its super hard, And I did full fuel tank;s worth on hardmode and got two epics, and the rest rare and commons, did not get a box for four of the runs.
Its not worth it


Considering the new legs drop from normal boxes that require a fraction of the effort. No, it’s not worth it. Unless you want those ten tokens badly.

Plus drops aren’t consistent enough for farming any of the difficulties.


if they are going to do something absurdly difficult at least they give legendary and the article very often


No bro. look at normal boxes


Yep, you’re all right. It took me 10 tokens to be it on NORMAL because I got no repair kits and didn’t even get anything good.


Physical mechs owned again, thank you tacticsoft


And why do you want so many? fusion material.

I only stayed with 1 legendary which I got a while ago in a box of 335 T., I’m maxing to see how …


does anyone have a video of maxing out grave diggers and would like yo share it with us that would be great :sunny: :smile:


Eww the leg seems sucks…
I think rolling beast are the best physical leg


The icon of this portal:
Don’t fight with the boss at first or you will be kicked into the grave and stuck there, but it you equip a grave digger, you can dig the grave and comes out :joy:

download-1This thing seems useful


Now you can easily call to crew and they will dig a perfect grave.


Will be nice if “Grave Legs” can dig underground and get out of grave.


Can we still get zarkares in these portals??


Sorry for harming your feelings, but desolation is nice too.


Not for me,no…




So ugly…
40 PM


Portals have high Legendary drop rate, trying it many times for getting good items is even better than what Premium packs can give, don’t think you are the master of the game, or the owner of the truth, you aren’t the only on this forum hunting me bro. Anything said by you was said by others before.

Your effort is worthless.

After that you can ask youself if i care or even take serious something you send me.


After a portal ends, you can still get the items from any boxes. Flaming scope, Zarkares, Vandal…


Nah,they just don’t fit Windigo…
They look pretty good on other torsos,like Grim,Zark etc.