New Item Portal - Grave Diggers!



Greeting Pilots!
We have opened a new 48 hours portal featuring a new item - Grave Diggers!

These are new legs that start at Rare and reach all the way to Mythical. They were visually designed by @KilliN .

The Grave Diggers can do a considerable amount of damage compared to other legs and have the highest push power of all other legs. They, however, provide fewer Hit Points.

To make the portal more interesting this time, the Insane difficulty is extra hard to beat.

As we noted previously, we’re going to feature more items visually designed by our community members! This is the second such item and we have more interesting items coming up!

Guide to: Tactisoft Language

tank feet by @KilliN


Wow it is a long portal…00 PM


I’m waiting to see who maxes these out within the first hour or two of having gotten them tbh


i’ll max it to myth :sunglasses:




Two knockback… Sounds like we’re going back in time!


You’re one of the few lucky ones allowed to get legs from this garbage.


59 PM
high dmg but less hp…


insane mechs goes crazy…


Congrats to Killin…!! Thank u!


first zarkares, than killin, who is next?


xDiego, because he starting drawing well…


hahahhahaahahahah nice one i have not fuel lol


insane makes me to die…


i think i shall die at hard… wait I cant die if i not enter there muahahahahaaha


insane are only for pros, only for a rare-myth leg


those only for corrupt/malice beamers only… maybe.


Considering you can drop these rn, from pvp boxes, 6 hour boxes, and coin boxes (i think) it’s not even worth farming more than once for.


I make a youtube vid
hope you enjoy it:)

eww so tired…