New Item Portal - Flaming Scope


Well,For Starters 8-Range only
It deals more or less damage than the bunkershell
If you like a challenge then use it,I Only go short range with my Annihaltor and Nightfall
I used it for the evolve on Windigo Torso to Mythical…
Oh wait nevermind i meant Nighteagle,Worth it actually


This Reply is very late but i beat it in insane 2 revives with a physical mech


why is it, it say’s you get better rewards doing PVP battles the last 14 i’ve done were just freakin gray,or nothing, i can get that doing campaign.:rage:



nice mech you have there @sebastian_marquez…but the sith torso is the worst torso


Isn’t Nightmare torso ?


It is.


I accidently said sith…I meant Nightmare…sorry for the mistake guys