New Item Portal - Flaming Scope

Hey Pilots!

New Item Portal on the map and this is a special one.

First, this is the only place where you will have a chance to get the new item Flaming Scope.
Second, it’s a LEGENDARY item!

The Flaming scope is a special sniper weapon which does massive amounts of damage but has a very specific (and narrow) range. Actually, it was designed to work with the Repulser weapon we featured in the previous Item Portal! Push the enemy far into the exact position and then fatally snipe them!

Since this is a Legendary weapon with mythical potential, it’s going to be hard to get it - this dungeon is only for the strongest of mechs!

Obtaining the weapon in Normal difficulty is almost impossible, so it’s only in Hard and Insane that you have a good chance of getting it. Insane has the best chance, especially if you want to grind for legendary items, but we made this one truly live up to its name - it IS insane to beat.

Think you have a powerful mech build? Have all the other missions and dungeons been a piece of cake? Go insane on The DeathSnap Portal!

Good luck!


This is an amazing portal. Great job. :slight_smile:


Already got it , try me @Mohadib


amazing insane are hard i’ve had 3 times defeat


psa i really want to drop a valiant sniper from this , that’d be MMMM

i get rekt in hard difficulty. insane would be impossible.

arent you one of the top players with a very good mech? that’s ridiculous that they made the mechs so powerful

No crap! I died 3 times in insane (revived) to get this weapon.

i guess i’ll go for the impossible.

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my first normal run dropped a fortune box with 3 epics. this isnt too bad a portal. good stuff. might get some legendaries

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use a lot HP but also careful

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well, in my normal run i got 3 repair kits from containers. didnt have to use any. on hard, i dropped 2 heats and 1 energy from containers and had to use tokens to revive myself a few times for the lower mechs but couldnt beat the boss on full health

took me 3 revives as well on insane, good thing I got the weapon on the first try (which I assume everyone does if they can beat insane)

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I got it! in insane mode. It cost me 1 revive, but there it is …

I’m already maxing it …

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Post a pic of the lvl 1 myth

Once I have it in mythical, with pleasure


It’s great that when they have created a new weapon, give everyone the chance to get it in the portal! Keep in that way!

Thank u


replay insane not legendary and hard not reward oh pff

ask to be fixed, because after doing the 3 modes 1 time, it´s very difficult to get boxes . Apparently most of us took out the weapon in the first time of insane.

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And anotha one