New Item Portal:: Flaminator & Hot Flash


Hard Mode



If you want sure legend drop you need to do insane…I suggest you use revives cuz it’s totally worth it if you ask me


No time to read the above.

But the discussion (about the items)’-)
will be fine!!


Yeah, Wepwawet and ShadowOfDeath get a room or go somewhere private, nobody is interested in your conversation.


Only top 3-5% of stoutest mechs could even have a chance to complete the battle.
The Strong get Stronger.


my 2nd Legendary out of this Item Portal …

… great Portal :exclamation:



give me that one you already have 3 ?or 4?



Pls donate this to me if you can ;-;

Also you probably took it from hard mode?


I would give you my Shell Bunker for a Magma Blast :’)


Ok … lets trade with the new trade menu … lets meet in the game :exclamation:



I’ll give you another magma blast for a Platinum Plating


Ok - lets also trade then :exclamation:



I need to find my ID first :joy:


Send a trade request :)))


Yes I will :exclamation:

P.S.: someone has perceptual disorders :slight_smile:


ummm best box in this portal


@Sarah247 @Mohadib This level would have to be changed by the Chief of Silent Waters since in difficulty 3 it is very difficult for almost all the people besides it would not be worth spending tokens and other things to obtain such a weak article :slight_smile:


Is that some kind of joke? 5 times hysteria in row! Only one time before i get something other(mighty trash) ! Really that i’m so “lucky” or that some mistakes from ts?


Wow with all those legendary cards my second mech could be full in a day xD


In what difficulty? :thinking: