New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


It’s fine. It’s become relevant enough to not be mad at.


Of course.
Just that feel when good portal is gone.
No need to remind it.


I want to say something in our pm
Get there please, it is important


Both are useless tho.


Is the rare version of this weapon gone? I never got it…


Rare-Epic reloaded Armor Breaker=> Armor Destroyer
Legend-Myth reloaded Armor Breaker=> Armor Annihilator
Legend-Myth Repulser=> Armor Disolver

You welcome ^^


That’s armor Dissolver.


mmm who revived this topic ?
it’s not even a good weapon


how much mony did you spend on token?


Lo_Manh_Cong, the thing about reviving old threads (topics) is this:

  1. Threads can be out of date, no longer relevant.
  2. The people may have quit the game. In this case, Kaen quit a long time ago, so you’re chatting to a ghost now.

Be mindful of the date of the thread.


my english isn’t good enough to know what you are talking about


Oops! You better whip out “Google Translate” then.


@Kaen quit. No reply.

You are speaking on an OLD comment.


ok i will whip out “Google Translate”


so why are you here then?


To explain things to you as:


I got one…


This is a thread from 7 months ago, about an item that has not updated to warrant this. Topic Locked.