New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


Hype for nothing. Thought it would be something awesome after all that…Hang on to it for Transformation food.


a low-damage version of Armor Breaker mk. 2 :confused:


Kidding right? The unicorn portal was the BEST of them all. AND THEY DONT GIVE US ANOTHER UNICORN AGAIN BUT SOME GOLD ARGH


i got it from a free box 12 minutes ago…


Haha, in the meantime, dig this (Mohadib reacts):


Lol, this gives me even less reason to spend, because if I did there would always be a bigger spender. I’m using my money gems for brave frontier this year lul


Well, i grinded all day. Got 7 legendary items for about 600 tokens. And loads of epics. Im not disappointed.

Over 1 page of these


you are not disappointed, ok. Keep making fun of you by Ts


did anyone ever got a legendry version of that armour breaker ??


Not sure what you said, but ok


Lel someone did noticed that was legacy item? Now it cant beat mythical :frowning:


there are 2 kind of armor destroyer
suck and awesome
believe me I got it


nice job reviving a topic.
When you just joined the forums 12 hours ago.
nice job m8.


Kn0Tn0YT, haha, cut the man a break. I’ve seen some old timers revive old threads by accident too.

No offense intended. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s one example of many:



let’s nominate today the “old threads revival day”…:slight_smile:


@Sarah247 @Mohadib give me an Armor destroyer thanks


i would if i knew how :wink:


I’m just here to say that this item sucks lol.


Why would you want one?


This otem is gud
Skrew u

My nem is zam and I vill krush u