New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


I am not angry. the only ones that have a right to be angry are the devs, because they work to add more content and work on the game yet every single change, every single addition, the community complains and finds something to talk shit about the devs about. I was just making an observation of this pattern. there hasn’t been an update they did where there was nobody complaining.


perhaps (some of) what you see as “complaining” I see as feedback.


i do see feedback but at the same time i see complaining or just being negative. you were giving feedback. but another player has made a thread warning players about not doing this portal and calling the devs stupid.


i just [quote=“TheStuF, post:56, topic:9088”]
every 5 minutes to pick up my epics

really? more than one every 5 minutes? That is good.

i think i spoke too soon :sweat: i just had 3 runs in a row with no boxes.


im still happy. i got a legendary murmur from this portal.


Holy ■■■■, give me that Murmur


I go a legendary murmur recently as well…and btw the new weapon sucks in my opinion


in which mode? normal, hard or insane?


I got the murmur from a fortune box on a different campaign mission


anyone got the armor destroyer maxed stats?..based on the stats I am gonna decide if I should use it or not


tbh murmur has been on my lust list as #1 for the longest time. now its either the flamethrower or the fire axe since i have my murmur.


which one? the one that maxes out at epic or the one that goes up to mythical? Wepwawet has a maxed epic she posted


is there one that goes to myth?..I want that one


same but i think im gonna run out of time before i run out of tokens. Frick. Wheres a x4 speed option when you need it? Already did 6 refills.


My dumb job doesnt allow me to play speedy quick like i wanna. And when i get home its Terraria time. Darn. Bad day for a good portal


wtf this is impossible to get in stupid legendarye i try stupids 30 attemps and nothing


Your tokens, wtf, that’s than I’ve ever had


It’s more common among BD players…there r ppl who buy 100k tokens a month there


lol yeah. it would be a bad time for everyone in SM besides the devs if PLO or Andrei or ICEMAN came here. they’d be rank 1 by the end of their first week. i’ve bought a lot as well but i’ve been sitting on em. i will spend all of them at once but not yet


But there is only so much you can get inthis game…things are limited , mechs are limited…its going to be boring once you have all items

If I were to spend 30k tokes I would wait until most items are released so that I have more chance of getting legendaries