New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


Here… max epic level…

To place it on any of my phys, I should sacrifice 1 HP plate. I’m not convinced that it’s worth the change.


Thanks for portal. Nice to get some tokens and boxes.

Armor Destroyer does not destroy enough armour, it is a bad weapon.

If it was -9 to ALL resistances it would maybe be useful. The weight is good, for one use only it needs more effect.


That is, the same thing happens with repulsor … I could place on mech if I dont have to sacrifice anything. But if I have to sacrifice any of my modules or HP plates for this, definitely not.

It should be seen in the legendary version and max. myth, that can be …


completely useless…


considering the epic lvl 30 has a max of 24 the myth max might have around 100 dmg and -30 phys drain


I see the promo pic of the Armor Destroyer with 3 barrels but the rare version has only 1 and the epic version has only 2.
Does that mean there is a version for legendary to myth with 3 barrels as shown in the promo pic?


if you read previous messages you will find the answer…

Yes, there is a legendary version with 3 barrels, myth with 4


I got the rare version of the bad weapon without difficulty - However I strongly suggest that in future Item Portal it is one box GUARANTEED every victory.

It is disappointing to receive 3 boxes only from using all my fuel.

The boxes can contain common and rare whatever its ok, but in an Item Portal give us items at increased rate like in gold portal we get increased gold. @Mohadib do you see my logic?


Could not agree more, @TheStuF! After initial shock and dissapointment, I figured out that at least the portal will be useful for grinding epics to be used as fuel for transformations/fusion. But nope, after some good start, the drop rates are shitty at the moment, like 50% boxes at the most… Was about to spend the night and all the tokens I got on refills, but now… just NOPE!


where do you find these jesus christ


They really wont give nothing for free


this has by far been my favourite portal. thank you, devs.


with or without irony ?


without irony. you people have reached the point where you HAVE to complain about every little thing or you won’t be content. the portal is added content. if you don’t like it, don’t play it. it’s not forced content and it’s not a replacement of something else that was there that was better. no features are being taken away from you. i managed to get 2 legendaries so far and a bunch of epics. i actually do enjoy this portal very much as i didnt have too much luck with previous portals, and some of them were too hard for me to play on insane, but this one, my AI wrecks them while im at work. i just go to my phone every 5 minutes to pick up my epics and start over or buy more fuel for tokens.


if anything, this portal is an easy way of getting 30 tokens. play each difficulty once. they didnt have to give us a portal.


really? more than one every 5 minutes? That is good.


yes. more than one every 5 minutes. pretty often its 2 or 3 epics. and once it was a rare and a legendary while another time it was a legendary and a epic.


like i stated above, literally nobody forced you to use up all your fuel. if you aren’t satisfied with something that is temporarily added content, just don’t play it. it’s that simple. you continue running your big boy or whatever (my mech is far too weak to farm big boy so im satisfied with this portal)


are you serious? do you like being teased?


As you would see from my earlier replies to dev I am also happy that the portal is here - just I made some suggestions. I also couldn’t beat insane on earlier portals and just managed to here (after some upgrading).

I had bad drops so far, glad you are having good ones. No need to be angry at “us people”.