New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


or may not be. :laughing:

remarkably, only Sarah likeed the post title

UPD Oh! Not one already there were plusonly.

A piece of shit and the portal and boxes and reward of the mission.


EXACTLY, WEP! When I saw the teaser on my Android, I thought “Holly shit, the physical bunker shell is coming, physicals rejoyce”! And when I landed this crap, it was like:


Well, the portal is at least useful to win 30 tokens.


Find an interesting bug, and i just laugh at this. So now I have fun with this.

also i stucked inside it by clicking a boss and just can go to another bots.


Any one can help me find good articles on this topic??


Yes, there is. :slight_smile:


A good psychologist…


its useless then , make it go from rare to myth ._.


I guess only from token boxes


Seriously @Mohadib this cutting of tiers at epic/legendary has got to stop.


Actually, and not needed because we already have an knockback heat weapon


what physical mech players need is a strong weapon like bunker shell or IDK.
This item is good for sure in its legendary/myth version, but, you know…its quite impossible to obtain it from campaign now.


its quite stupid as well

legendary anihilation has a high output of dmg and -9 res

epic arm. destroyer has bad damage and -9 res


The myth version must have atleast -30 drain and 100+ DMG considering it is a 1 time use weapon


I’ve done insane mode around 20 times, NO BOXES.
It’s really frustrating, if you own a bank account you can become a monster in this game.
If not you are a poor idiot.
And what I not tolerate is the way they show you the new item

"COME ON, do the campaign, you will get this strong weapon! "
Real message “you will never get the legendary version unless you buy premium boxes”

I call this a lack of respect


Try hard mode. It seems to me insane mode is giving few boxes.


i’m searching for the legendary one (as a fool). Idk if in hard mode can be obtained


worse yet I have spent 2 loads of energy and the article does not come out yet, when I get it, if I ever get it, I join you in the collective criticism,
For elderly women or older adults that lose of memory, I remind them that the similarity of this weapon in the last version was the ARMOR BREAKER widely used in the version passed by all.


This is not okay, Armor Destroyer’s needs its transform range fixed ASAP


I see very difficult that the legendary version can be obtained in portal … but it could be…

Of rare ones I have already obtained 6 and with less than 1 tank of fuel. I was left alone with 1 which is carrying max. epic, to see how it is. It’s not a big item, of course.