New Item Portal - Armor Destroyer


Hey Pilots!

New Item Portal is available!

This time you can earn the new Armor Destroyer - a great support weapon that seriously damage the enemy’s Resistance. Used together with a high-damage weapon these two can bring down even well protected mechs very quickly!

Getting the item in Normal is very difficult so focus on playing Hard and Insane.
Winning the Insane difficulty also gives you a chance to earn the Epic version of the weapon!

The portal is open for the next 24h so go ahead and get this weapon!

Good luck!


Is it epic myth? Or common myth?


Rare-epic cant even turn it into legendary… or maybe there is a legendary/myth version you’ll never get


Return the fuel and content of the boxes!


new weapons armor destroyer rare epic, i think box premium armor destroyer legendary ?


That’s a useless item…Meh I guess I’ll just farm for epics


excuse me but…The weapon on that image has got 3 cannon, the epic one has 2.

So, if there is a legendary version, why dont you tell us? @Mohadib


@Mohadib i already have 4 of this thing, it sucks. There is an Legendary-to-Mythical version of this?


@Sarah247 Read my question!


Yes, the Armor Destroyer’s transform range is curious


Thanks for giving me an inspiration how to make an OP mech. And aslo thanks to @Mohadib tacticsoft for giving christmas gifts


Lol no problem, i’m here for helping!

Spamming breakers like on the past version :broken_heart:


they want us to spend money for tokens that will refill fuel. I’ve done insane a lot of times and never got a box. Then, if you dont get the weapon, you will need to spend tokens for premium boxes (money)


Lol i done insane three times and got 4 of this bullshit


Do NOT do such a thing.


@Mohadib i think that weapon too OP. Could u NERF it like -3 physical drain in epic?

Thank you


True, don’t forget to nerf to 5 damage tho


I got a legend charge from insane in 3rd run…now I don’t get boxes :frowning:


Why do they always do something for phys or heats do mediocre things? This weapon is like hats to remove resistance in previous version, which we had by the dozens and almost nobody used them. They are useful to remove resistance, but have so little damage that in the end they become a dead weight.

The energy was given to the drone that does a lot of damage, but so far what they have given phys and heats is not very useful.

When the physical death punch? When phys drone free energy? When heat launch grenades ?


The legend version of this weapon might be OP