🆕 New Item Physical Drone


Emmm its make 300+ WITH ALL BUFFS(without 280-290 max) and not every time…


Heat needs a buff (:rofl:)


And that’s just Fully-Drained, not regular damage. Having a fully-drained opponent is very hard nowadays with all the counters and very, very strong roundeds.

And, another factor, these are the original stats of FaceShocker.

FACE SHOCKER  (41) 163-213 ElDmg 76 EnDmg  -6 ElRes 3 Uses (50/0 Cost)

213 Electrical Damage + 76 is 289, which is off your 300+ damage, which means your 300+ damage is ALREADY with Shop Bonuses. Negative Electric Resistances these days with Energy is also pretty rare now with Maximum Protectors all around.

So, don’t count that extra 20% Electrical and Energy damage, because it’s already in the drone that you said had the 300+ damage. If you added more you’ll get 40% on both, which is unbalanced.

So with the 180-280 stats which is like the FaceShocker with Arena Bonuses but rounded, 20% More physical damage is about 36 (minimum 180) and 56 (maximum 280).

So let’s just say we added 46, so it’s going to be 226-326, which is something that a Regular FaceShocker with 20% of each Arena Bonus can’t do with a non-drained opponent.

And if enemy has Negative Resistance Drain, which is common with Physical Mechs nowadays, it will sky rocket.


Fine, it does 239-289 max damage when fully drained WITHOUT BUFFS. Add the 20% electric damage buff and it’s 272-332 when fully drained. Add 20% energy damage and it’s 287-347 damage. Pretty OP for just a drone and even more OP with negative resistance.


Let me just say the FaceShocker damage with 20% Electrical Damage added to it, and it’s 196-246, and 20% Energy Damage added to 76, and it’s 92.


So it’s going to be 288-338, which seems pretty OP, but Energy Breaking an opponent is pretty
rare / uncommon on a Good Rounded Mech / Counter-Energy mech don’t you think?

And again I say this, that is just fully drained, and not regular attack damage.

Well, yeah it is. Also by memory I think you have like No Energy Counter yet right? That explains it, because you have only Rounded and Heat Counter.

Once you have your Energy Counter, you’ll feel like heaven, especially when it’s a Physical one.

  1. You need make energy break… (2-3 rounds or more)

  2. After 1 break enemy can restore his enrg(what mean minus additional damage)

  3. Slay enrg res… (its make a big difference)

And 300+ come only near to final… when enemy and you have rlly low hp


Well, drained or not, shoker face hits harder than any phys drone.
Same goes heatpoint wich is energy free. They hit literaly like a regular weapon.
And this is pure dmg angle, both these drones have more than good supporting specs.

Considering the importance of drones in battle, phys is pretty faked these days.
Ill probably take out the phys line up next week to assess this.


Wow, not only “seems”, definitely OP …

so the new coming Physical Drone (the equivalent to Face Shocker and HeatPoint) need to have a lot more than the suggested …

… damage …

My new suggestion for new Physical Drone’s damage :

300 - 350 Phy Dmg

… because you need to hold in mind, Physical’s only utility is MORE damage :exclamation:

Thank you very much @cyanine for pointing this out :exclamation:



Okay thats ridiculous


Ill take 3 of those plize.


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This thread:

The people:

The idea:


Little boy listen …

  • no need to start trying to insult, even you tried it to pack it into “nice” words :exclamation:

So never worry about my braincells in future, I made a remis vs a grand master in chess and me and an other one were the only ones out from 40 who tried, and made it, the other 38 lost :exclamation:
(and that even I decided to make an other sport - there I am still top5 in the world)

I got not only “so much”, I got most of ALL players and most of ALL time :exclamation:
(and that by far)

to your 1st …

My 1st suggested stats are pretty real, just read again my OP and the explanations for

to your 2nd

I am pretty sure a Energy free Physical Drone is needed, I am also sure the developers are thinking about, and guess what, youn cannot change that I suggest it

to your 3rd

I quote, a usual thing, as ALL do, and I even never change anything in a quote ( as some members here do sometimes), because changing what others wrote is a no-go for me :exclamation:

So here something for you to learn … “Semantischer Hof” what means, not all you think you heard (or read), IS what was said (or written) :exclamation:

So please do not interpret things which are not this way - also I am free to suggest whatever I want :exclamation:



“Little boy” is for me an insult here…
And I don’t try to insult, I’m simply stating what you looks like when you hammer away something that is not well-recieved by the community…not to say when you actually make the something worse than it was…

I’m not worying about your brain cells, since I used the word “apparent”…
By experience, I know that the most dumb-looking people are not always the most idiot ones…

I saied “so much” considering you have way more medals that the usual common of mortals…(In SM I mean, since Idk;Idc for medals IRL)

Can you re-give me the link to your explanation ?
I think it got drowned in the amount of OPness of your drone…

I think so, BUT not for the phys FS/HP, since it would be death sentence to any elemental mechs…
Energy couldn’t stop damage stream with energy-break…

I can clearly see the Averger Fortress 2.0 come…

Zark/Beasts or Claw/Dual Annihi/NE/your drone/Hook and Charge/huge load of HP and Heat modules

I would rather take a Greedy tweaking or a new unlimited-use low-decent stats energy-free phys drone…

I didn’t saied you change text in the quote, BUT I saied you cut sentences, and thus the context…(or you keep the sentence complete, but you accidentally loose on purpose the whole’s point)

You can take Cyanine’s quote as an exemple:
Out of context

The damage saied in the quote is high for an energy drone

In context

The damage saied is only on a fully drained opponent, meaning it would not be achieved in the first turn…

You see the difference now ?

LMAO, you just did it with my 3rd point !


From Yo Yo Man:


Pass the like ^^



Little = an attribute, nothing bad, kids are little, I love kids :exclamation:

Boy = also nothing bad, or are you a girl, then of course I can/will change it to “girl”

You did :exclamation:

Yes, please go on like this, it shows exactly what I said about before :exclamation:

+250 in real life :exclamation:

“OP” can also mean Original Post … :wink:

About the rest …

I can suggest whatever I want :exclamation:

If you have a problem with it, it is YOUR problem :exclamation:

So to go back to the topic …

My suggestion for the new Physical Drone (the equivalent to Face Shocker and HeatPoint) …

41 Weight
196 - 280 Phy Dmg
Resist drain 6
3 Uses
30 Heat Cost

… but damage can also be higher up to 300 - 350, since the FaceShocker can do 288 - 338 damage (I didn’t calculate this, I took these data from a poster here) and Physical’s only utility is to have higher damage :exclamation:



The idea:

The people:


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Do we want the CONCEPT of a physical Faceshocker?

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Do we want @bestplayerintheworld’s STATS for the PFS?

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Do we want my stats for the PFS (163 - 236 damage, 7 resistance drain, 31/31 cost, 44 weight, 3 uses)?

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If you vote no for my stats, say why (overpowered, underpowered, too cliche, etc).