🆕 New Item Physical Drone


@Sarah247 @SilverBox @Mohadib

The New Item …

  • Physical Drone

… the equivalent to …

  • Face Shocker


… and …

  • HeatPoint


… is needed now :exclamation:

Please @ all make your suggestions about the stats from this new Physical Drone :exclamation:

My suggestion is …

41 Weight
196 - 280 Phy Dmg
Resist drain 6
3 Uses
30 Heat Cost

Please keep in mind that all 3 types have 3 different utilities …

  • Heat gain heat

and let the opponent overheat and losing turns

  • Energy drains energy

once opponent is out of energy, many weapons / items do not work anymore + extra huge damage

  • Physical does more damage

thats pretty simple and the only utility Physical has

So this explains the …

Physical damage

Electric damage
163-213 + 76 Energy damage = 239-289

Explosive damage
176-230 + 68 Heat damage = 244-298


P.S.: also feel free to give name-suggetions :exclamation:

Supermechs getting boring for higher players
:new: Physical Faceshocker Stats

And the heat version of the terror cry and stuff would be nice as well.


Why don’t you just completely break the game while you’re at it!?!

Name: Game Breaker

And then we change the name of the game to…


Because then that would be the only playable Mech


It should have energy cost as every phys done, I suggest 20 heat cost 20 energy cost


This would bring down everything else to the ground, even the whole game.

Because something that is the equivalent of total destruction (i.e 196-280 DMG) would completely destroy the game. Physicals would dominate, and probably nothing will come close to it.

Oh yeah, Sarah found a Physical FaceShocker sprite in the Sandbox made by XDiego. It looks like she was planning to add this, but someone has already told her that it would break the game in the kneecaps. So, she has already taken note to not add this (maybe)

But if you’re a stubborn piece of pie, then here.

PhysDmg : 196-280
PhysDrain : -8
Uses : 3
Energy Cost : 47
Heat Cost : 47
Weight : 59

Something that can kill you incredibly quick should be nerfed quite a bit. Including the fact that it’s Physical type.


Why Physical should not have an equivalent Drone as Heat and Energy already has :question:



Because it would break the game


So the Face Shocker and the HeatPoint breaking the game :question:


Maybe because Heaters doesn’t have own version of Terror Cry/Last Words or Desert Fury/Valiant Sniper etc.?


A drone that can kill immensely quick, or something that has the SAME damage as a Reckless Beam (kinda), should not be added.

Don’t care about perfectionism or whatever, but this will SERIOUSLY break the game.


@Fire7 broh, as an experimented heat player (also phys and newly elec), you mind sharing your insights on the current state of the game?



No Heat Last Words/Terror Cry because there is Abomination. But L-M though?

Now I’m not sure about that, but maybe it can like overheat you like almost immediately? Oh yeah, Valiant has not energy cost, so will this.


Ok, then Abomination should be E-M because Heaters doesn’t have freemium 2-4 range push wep
About Valiant it was only example, I wanted and still a little want it to be added but it would be kinda OP
And VS have no heat cost


Funny how the dmg wich is just slitly higher than regular phys drones is crystalising the comments… people this kind of dmg wouldnt change shet…
Meanwhile the non consumption of energy proposed here didnt attract any comments… lol







I don’t how 143-187 to 196-280 is “slightly” lol

(143-187 is Basic Maxed Void, while the other one is Besty’s idea)


That wouldnt change anything in arena. No energy costs tho…


Calculate in 2 things please …

  • 3 uses (so you need to calculate in some lost turns)

  • the utility from Physical is “only” higher damage



Lack of energy noted
The whole idea is gamebreaking enough that it wasn’t worth going that far… higher damage Phys drone is bad enough

Sorry, but this idea belongs in the trash heap next to the ‘why not let us trade items with our alt-accounts idea’


Anotha’ one, Arena Shop Bonus

I mean, that thing buffed everything but it made Physicals deadlier, considering Mercy can now reach 500 Dmg normally, Nightfall and Spartan reaches 408+ damage normally, and Void is a demon.

So, add that 20% to this drone and what do you get? LUCIFER!