New item idea - Face Melter


Literally just a heat version of the Face Shocker drone. What does everyone think?

  • Add it
  • Don’t add it

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Where is the I don’t care option?..because honestly…I don’t mind if it is added or not


Fair enough I guess. Thanks for the reply XD


Nice name though…I like it


It already exist in the development server, as i can remember it was implemented togheter with Face Shocker but they didn’t bring it to the main server for some reason.

It’s called “heat point” in the dev server tho.


Well they totally should amirite!?


I don’t see why not,
Since we already have that Face Shocking thing in the game. :)


:+1: :100: Let’s make this idea big then! Besides, it’s not like they have to do much work to add it. Just flip some stats, change the color pallet create the event and BOOM *instant profit.



Stats and sprite are done, they just don’t want to do it.


i really need this drone for my new heat mech


I just want it… Like… Really bad…


i know right :drooling_face:


Face Puncher anyone?


Nice but it will similar stats 163/213 dmg , 50 heat dmg and 3 uses.