New item boxes drops


I think we can all agree that the drops from the item boxes and premium boxes/packs are trash. How about this?

Item box:
45% chance for common
35% chance for uncommon
15% chance for epic
5% chance for legendary.

Premium box:
60% chance for epic
40% chance for legendary (well they cost 75 so a big chance for a legendary seems fair.)

Premium pack:
ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE LEGENDARY (we are not paying 335 tokens for 5 useless epic items,
50% chance for epic
50% chance for legendary

Well what do you all think? Tell me if something in this list needs a change


Cierto, fuera bueno que pusieran esto


you realize that 40+30+15+5=90 , Right ? So it should be 50% common , 30% Rare , 15%Epic , 5% Legendary


sip, pero para que pongan esto esta lejos, aunque nunca se sabe


50% Common is way to much…

So it should be 42% common , 36% Rare , 18%Epic , 4% Legendary


Agreed , Totally the best rating


I changed it thanks for letting me know


:v 40% common 40% uncommon 20% epic 4% legendary :v


they don’t even need to tamper with the drop rates, they can simply re-introduce premium boxes, guaranteed premium item for a slightly higher price. no more frustrating runs of 15-20 epics in a row before receiving a legendary cooling module and running out od tokens. complete piece of mind.

consumer confidence is the biggest obstruction to their cashflow right now and yet they seem ever more intent on the failed strategy of tighter and tighter measures to squeeze extra tokens out of us. they wouldn’t need higher prices if they simply fixed their consumer confidence issues and returned to the trust level they had a couple years ago. the only way they can do that is through premium boxes imo.


5% legendary seems like the current drop rates of the premium box tbh.


why would they INCREASE the price? we simply want better items for the current price.


Since they are called “Premium Box / Packs” I think they should always contain at least 1 premium item


you misunderstand me, that’s not something I advocate. merely a reflection of the current tacticsoft policy. in order to compensate for declining numbers oif casual spenders (a problem since the biig reload) they have decided the best strategy going forward is to squeeze more out of the wales. the richos and the supermechs smack junkies if you like. however, they too are no longer biting the bait due to consumer confidence issues. see the suspense of spending from past wales such as myself, wepwawet and Mr E. however, still the tacticsoft policy seems to be more pressure towards more spending. they think that they can squeeze fense sitters into spending with more incentive via the constant raids on the ftp progression path and push wales into spending more with policies that effectively stand to be a price hike in disguise (see the increase in portal fuel cost). however, I provide them an alternative to this path. the alternative I think that will work bvest for the player and work best for the corporation. restore consumer confidence. its really that simple. the player no longer feels the need to spew tirade after tirade of appro[poriated marxist jargon to express their frustration with the gaming experience, and the company no longer have to risk price hikes they know will only satisfy short term goals but lead to yet more challenges for them down the line.


premium boxes.

implement them.


You seem to know your stuff abou the game. If this be the case, could you tell me how you feel about a trading system? I and many other players wish for there to be a trading system. Some argue, though that this would not be a good update, due to the fact that players could farm gold. However, how would it be different than farming tokens or gold? if you farm gold, there is a chance you can get the items and upgrade easily. I want a nightfall, and robot x wants a flaming hammer. We would trade if we were able to.I and players such as robot x want to trade items, but we are unable to do so. It would help improve clans. It would improve players. It doesn’t have to be free though. It could cost a small fee, such as 15,000 - 25,000 gold.


This is a reply to Misfit


Man, did you already searched trade in the forums? if not, you really should, there are tons of topics about it… It just won’t happen.


i suggested this before in a form of a new type of discount , they removed the chances of getting certain amount of items in boxes because its so ugly that people would start a riot from it


And on premium packs , it should be 75% Legendaries , the rest 15% Epics


75% legendaries ? its more like 2% legendary now


Can’t agree it would destory the economy of the Tacticsoft.They are not supposed to put Legendary items in the classic item boxes.

I have spoken about this earlier in the global chat, what they SHOULD do instead is: Add a system like popup before buying Premium boxes, and Premium Packs where people can choose which item they want. So we will get a screen with all the legendary items possible. Now we choose one, and use a 15% or 20% booster for a drop chance! To make that item appear as we hope for… That will be better for their economy and people will get items they want more then it is now. This system is TRASH I do agree. An pointless 1-2% chance of getting what you want as Legendary item :slight_smile: Which is sad and dissapointing. They might as well buff a bit Item boxes, not much thou.
Lets say 15% more epic item drop rate.
I alredy contacted Tacticsoft and they have taken my notes I hope. This idea is new hoever but everyone agreed with me that it will fantastic to have it.
We can’t watch only after out selves, it has to be realistic for Tacticsoft’s economy too. I think that my suggestion is very realistic.
Thanks for reading if you have been with me so far.