New ideas for campaign mode!

So, I know in the older version of super mechs, the campaign had been huge. now it is reduced quite a lot, (Spoiler Warning, for the cut scene at the end at Overlords Den.) So when you complete the Overlord’s Den, you will receive a cut scene. I am pretty sure it had said “To be Continued.” So what does anyone think? what do you think the name of the new campaign areas would be, and what other rewards will you get. So what I think, is that they have to make different sections of the huge campaign. They could make it into 4 different worlds, of which, the 1 world, the one we have right now, would be the first. To get the other world, you would need at least rank 10 to unlock, but instead of 5 tokens, you will get 7 each completed level. Then the third world, it requires rank 4, then the last world would need rank 1. Depending on what the difficulty is, the more tokens you get. The fortune boxes you get too, in the 3 or 4th world, you will get a fortune box of only epic or legend. Or maybe just legend.


I agree :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I agree, the campaign is too small.


yeah the campaign is way too small


I agree this campaign is obsolete we need more action in campaign mode :smiley:

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Or atleast reset the campagin. So i could grind tokens again ._.


The new campaign have like 4 times more missions lmfao.