New Idea: Undo Moves


Hey I have a new idea. How about we gain the power to undo our first moves in the arena? That would be useful for those who accidentally put down their mechs(A.K.A. all of us).


you have to be dr. strange or thanos to do this

so /no


No u

Reverse card



Yep, why isn’t it possible (for mistakes taking down drone)?


You could reroll damage until you hit a high number. Will not happen.


Make it limited to drones or shields only and only once per game?

Edit: also damage would be exact same if it were for any move of same weapon/item


imagine rerolling the frantic weapons and getting low dmg each time lul


behemot sure would be salted then


:joy::ok_hand: Weko is joyful to say NO! to your idea :ok_hand:


If it is limited to movement and drones and special items ONLY, I say yes. As trophey435 said, doing that with weapons is just unfair and removes the balance of the frantic weapons.